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My double penetrated wife

You know, we have been into all this stuff for several years already and now my blond slut can’t be satisfied with one even hugest black cock. She wants more and more and now he demands at least couple of muscular black fuckers each time!double penetrated wife 01double penetrated wife 02double penetrated wife 03

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2 thoughts on “My double penetrated wife

  1. Alec,

    You know I find blonds are really attracted to black cock, and black men in general. Maybe its because blonds feel more sexer then the normal women, and they like to fuck around alot. Sometimes their husbands approach me and ask me to get things under control, get some discipline into their hot little asses. Well the Black Master is always available for those type of sessions. Yes, once their tight white butts are taken care of, ususally everything else falls into place. Need help?

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