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“Amy and Paul” my first interracial erotic story

(My first attempt at erotic fiction, let me know what you think.. My Wife loves it So I thought Id share.)

Amy got up in the morning and looked smiling at her husband, Paul, still sleeping in the bed next to her. She thought about the sex they had the night before and the strange turn of events things took.
Paul has had a fantasy of seeing Amy with a black man for some time now, and occasionally Amy would make him happy and they would role play her in various scenarios, making a confession to Paul about what a “slut” she had been and going in very graphic detail about the how much she enjoyed black cock and how she couldn’t get enough. This was pretty hot and Paul would usually come pretty quickly. Recently Paul had purchased a life like black dildo and enjoyed using it on Amy and watching her “get fucked by a huge black cock”.
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But it had always stayed pure fantasy. Other people, other places, nothing “real” per se. Last night was a little different. Amy wasn’t sure what came over her, but she asked Paul if he “really wanted to see a black cock fucking his wife”. Paul was so turned on he could barely speak, and doing his best to hold off coming so he could find out where this was going, but he managed to blurt out a “Oh God, yes!”. Amy let out a sexy, naughty little giggle and told Paul, while he was fucking her, that there were several hot black guys at the Hospital where she worked as a nurse, and maybe she should start flirting with them and see where it goes.

“Maybe take him in a closed office, late at night, when nobody is around, and let him kiss me, touch me. Would you like that, your hot white wife, making out with some black guy, me reaching down between his legs…”

At that Paul couldn’t take any more, he came with as much force as he ever had inside his wife. Amy loved the feeling of come inside her and couldn’t stand condoms. The feeling of Paul coming with such force and her being so turned on from the new direction their sex life had taken, caused Amy to orgasm at the same time as her husband.

“Wow, that was fucking hot baby” Paul breathed out, exhausted and relaxed.
“I’m glad you liked it, I thought it was pretty hot too” Amy replied, curling up next to her husband, equally drained.
“I’m going to be worried when you go work now, I don’t know what my little slut is going to be up to” Paul teased his wife.
Amy giggled. “You better be” she laughed.

They fell asleep after that, but both woke up in the middle of night, aroused from dreams inspired by their intense fantasy session and without a word, made love again with an inspired intensity.
Both got up the next day and as Paul left for work, bringing the kids to daycare, he grabbed his wife, pulling her in and kissing her passionately.
“Thanks for the great night, you were awesome, my little slut” he whispered in her ear.
This got Amy a bit aroused and with some time to kill she went back into the bedroom and did something she had never done before. On her own she got out the big black dildo and started thinking about various guys at work. Immediately her thoughts went to a Security Guard named Alex. At 6’4 and in good shape with a shaved head, he was known as a bit of player among the nursing staff. As a manager, Amy never got involved in the hospital gossip, but she did hear things. Alex had always flirted with Amy in a careful way, because of her position as a manager, but he flirted none the less. Amy had made a habit of carefully rebuffing all advances on her from males. She loved her husband and had no desire to cheat on him.

“But this” she thought, “is different isn’t it.” With tacit permission given from her husband Amy allowed herself to imagine herself with another man. Not just any man though, this giant black man, with a huge cock, using her like a slut. Amy came pretty quickly after that, and was surprised at the intensity of her orgasm.

“Oh well” she thought “Time to go to work.”

Amy usually worked nights, but today she had a meeting in the hospital and some staff development workshop to do. She got ready and noticed how sexy she looked as she left out the door.
“Not bad for a 35 year old mother of two” She smiled.

As Amy arrived at this hospital she learned that the staff development meeting was about dealing with unruly patients and proper methods of dealing with aggressive behavior.
“Great, another boring seminar” she resigned herself.
But Amy was in for a bit of a surprise. On entering the room she noticed one of the instructors for the day was Alex. She smiled to herself as she thought if he only knew what she had been doing that morning.
“Well, at least Ill have something to look at” she mused to herself.
The seminar was going as slowly as those things usually do, and the initial naughtiness of Amys thoughts has faded and she glanced at her watch during one the demonstration periods.
“Not boring you, are we Ma’am” Amy heard a voice quietly whisper next to her.
Shocked a bit, she turned to the side and saw Alex smiling at her.
“I know, I’m just as bored as you, and I’m supposed to be helping.” he offered.
Usually Amy would put up some walls at this point and make clear she wasn’t interested. But today was different. She smiled her sexy smile at Alex.
“I know, we nurses don’t need this kind of stuff with big strong guys like yourself here to protect us.” Amy smiled back, and looked into his eyes.
Alex seemed a little taken aback at first, used to a more frosty reception to his advances from the blonde nurse manager, but he was going to let this opportunity slip. The pretty white wife was a frequent guest in his fantasies and Alex seemed to sense an opening.
“Well, you know” he said “if you ever do feel threatened, you can just call me up and I’ll be your personal body guard” Alex offered.
“Oh my” Amy said amused “Do you think my body needs guarding?”
Alex was about to reply when the main instructor called him away and set him on working with some other staff members.
Amy was glad he had been called away, it had been going pretty fast there, and even though she was incredibly turned on, knew it had to be shut down before it went too far.

“Mmmmm” She thought to herself. “I can’t wait to tell Paul about this. He is going to explode” She laughed to herself.

Later that night after the kids were in bed, Amy curled up next to Paul on the couch as he watched the Red Sox and whispered her little story in his ear. Paul was stunned and turned on at the same time and he took his wife right there on the couch, barely getting each other’s clothes off. They fucked for what seemed like hours. Going over the event and Paul making Amy confess how turned on she was, and how much she wanted to fuck this black man. Eventually they collapsed in each other’s arms and fell soundly asleep.
A few weeks passed by without much incident. Amy would occasionally see Alex in work, as he didn’t usually work nights. They would exchange pleasantries and did a little flirting, but both were always so busy that it wasn’t much at all. But one night that changed.
Amy was working with the family of a GSW (gunshot wound) that was becoming increasingly belligerent and aggressive in wanting certain things from the hospital. As manager it was Amy’s job to inform them that if they continued with this behavior, they would have to leave the building. One of the people in the waiting room threatened Amy that she was going to “Beat your little white ass”
Immediately Amy dialed for security to have them escort these people out of the building. Amy was happy to see a quick response and little relieved to see that Alex was one of the guards there. As the guards were escorting the family out one of them took a swing at Amy, but missed and wound up hitting Alex in the face.

Amy sighed as she knew that this meant more paperwork for the night. But at least the troublesome family was gone and hospital turned really quiet after that. A few minutes later Alex came back up to the floor to see if everything was ok. Amy noticed that he was bleeding from a cut on the face where he was hit.
“Ok” she said, going into nurse mode “you sit there and we can see to that scratch. God knows where that persons fingernails have been. We don’t want to have that face ruined with an infection on my behalf. All the girls will be so disappointed and mad at me.”
Alex laughed and sat down. Amy applied anti bacterial ointment to the scratch and covered with a bandaid.

“There, all better” She said.
“My Angel of Mercy” Alex smiled at her. “But thats not what I came up again for. My supervisor wants to press assault charges on that woman who took a swing at you and did this. Do you think you can stop down to the office before you leave and give a statement.”
“Sure” Amy said. “Actually, I have my lunch break now, and it’s pretty quiet. Want to do it now?” she asked.
“Ok” Alex said “C’mon, ill escort you down”
“My Hero” Amy cooed.

They arrived at the office and noticed it was pretty empty. The rest of the security staff was doing rounds or dealing with City PD about the unruly mob they dismissed earlier Alex explained.
“It’s actually perfect, nice and quiet to get this paperwork done” Amy offered. But Amy was feeling a strange combination of nervousness and excitement being alone with this man that she had fantasized about so often. She could feel her pussy getting moist and was getting really aroused. She wondered if Alex was feeling the same thing. She glanced over at his crotch unconsciously and was shocked when she saw that Alex had caught her. She quickly looked away but both knew what had just happened.
“Let’s get this started shall we” Alex said softly.
“huh?” Amy said, startled.
“The report Ma’am”
“Oh, of course. Sorry” Amy replied, a little embarassed.
Amy told Alex the whole story from her perspective and he nodded and typed in all in the computer. He printed it up and afterward Amy read it and signed it. As Amy was getting up to leave Alex asked her to wait a second.
“This scratch is really starting to bother me, can you check it out please?” he asked.
“Oh sure.” Amy said. And she went over, peeled off the bandaid and started to examine the cut.
“It looks fine” She said “Ill just …”
But Amy’s words were cut off as Alex leaned in and kissed her on her lips strongly. Amy thought a second about pushing him off, but the feeling of his full lips on hers killed that notion and she lost herself for a few moments in that kiss. They tangled tongues for a few moments when they heard some footsteps coming down the hall.
“Shit” Alex cursed.
Amy’s trance was broken. “Oh God, I shouldn’t have… I’m married. Im sorry Alex, we shouldn’t have done that”
“But we did” he replied, looking directly in Amy’s eyes. “Besides, what your husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him”
Amy knew she had gone too far. She had to put an end to this before it went out of control. Snapping back into Ice Maiden/Managerial Role, Amy firmly asserted:
“No Alex, it was mistake, and it WON’T happen again.” she said and as she finished the door opened and a couple officers walked in.
“Thank you for the help, I hope everything you need is in that report, if you need anything else, please Email me and I will provide you the necessary information. Good night gentlemen”
And with that Amy walked out and went back to her floor.

Amy was in near shock. She couldn’t believe what she just did. And she couldn’t believe how turned on she was.

“Should I tell Paul” she asked herself.

She right away came to the decision that this was better left kept to herself.

(Will Be Continued)

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