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8 thoughts on “My gf will make me a cuckold

  1. Let her have what she needs. If your like me, you’re not capable of that. Natural selection eliminates small dick boys like me.

  2. I took my wife to black bars frequently just to watch them feel her up then take her home to fuck the hell out of her. I would go home and jack off just thinking about what he’s doing to my wife.
    Sometimes he would come home with us which was even better I could get to watch a real man fucking my wife like she should be.

  3. I arranged for two black guys to fuck my g/f for a b/day prezzie but she did not want me there while they fucked her. So I dropped her off at 8pm a couple of Fridays ago at 8pm and she never came back until 4pm the following day. there was cum dripping from every hole. She also said that around 11pm two more guys join them, one black and one east Asian like her.

    I could not fuck her for two days after but it was a dream licking her clean.

  4. I love waking up and my wife not being in the bed. Finding out she is in the spare bedroom getting fucked by one of my buddies.

  5. It would be a dream to watch his long, black dick fill her pretty white pussy! YOu can tell by the look on her face that she is about to give in to her black cock lust….

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