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My hot wife – interracial sex story part 6

Unexpectedly, I felt Sue’s hands on either side of my waist. She worked my underwear slowly down to my knees. I then felt her arm reach around my waist and her small hand grasped my even smaller cock. Slowly, she squeezed my mushroom and firmly worked in up and down. I could feel myself begin to stiffen as she quickened her up- down motions. My cock sucking became more natural as Sue worked my little mini cock. Suddenly, Sue stopped jacking me off, and just held her hand stationary around my full 5 inch erection. Uncontrollably, my hips started slowly moving back and forth… seeking to fuck her fist with my pitiful little pecker. Faster and faster I pumped all the while stroking and sucking the black cock in front of me. I could feel the semen rise in my balls as I frantically pumped faster. “Go ahead baby, fuck my hand.” Sue encouraged from behind. “That’s the tightest thing you’ve fucked in weeks isn’t it Joel?” Laughed Steve. And the truth was he was right. Since Sue and Steve had become regular fuck buddies, my wife’s pussy had stretched to accommodate Steve’s girth… so much so that I had to ask her to put her legs together and squeeze on the few occasions I had gotten to fuck her otherwise it was impossible for me to cum. My legs and butt started to tremble as I neared climax. I pumped harder and faster. Closer and closer to release.. I inhaled the musky aroma of Steve’s cock covering in my wife’s pussy juice. “Cum for me baby… you can do it!” Sue whispered in my ear. “Cum for Steve, show him.” And with that, Sue slipped her middle finger into my ass. She had done it before and I was always only mildly aroused by it, but there, kneeling before my wife’s lover, jerking my little stiffy into my wife’s waiting hand, I immediately shot my pitiful load. My body shuddered in relief. Steve chuckled..
Only about a tablespoon of my creamy white semen dripped out of my cock, Sue easily contained it in her small hand. Withdrawing her finger from my ass, she offered her cum covered palm to me. “Lick it off!” commanded Steve. Without hesitation, I complied. The salty taste of my own semen mixed with the musky smell of Steve’s black cock covered in Sue’s pussy juice… heaven.
Abruptly Steve stood up from the chair, pushing my back, my ass making contact with the cold linoleum floor. “Come here baby.” He said looking at Sue crouched on the floor. She shot onto her feet in obedience and pressed her body to his. They kissed, and as they did, I could again see Steve’s hand push between my wife’s legs. She eagerly opened them so he could insert first two, then three fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Again, Sue began to work her hips back and forth, fucking his large black fingers that were now fully buried in her hairless pussy.
Steve guided my wife to the kitchen table and pushed her hard, face first, on top the cold glass top. Sue submissively stretched out her arms, spread her feet and arched her back, unquestionably offering her pussy to her master. Steve turned to me and ordered: “Get over here bitch!” Pointing between Sue’s parted legs. “Sit here and watch!” he said. I positioned myself under my wife’s open cunt, my bare ass sitting on the cold kitchen floor. Facing toward the open door and Steve, I leaned back, holding myself up with my hands and with my head tilted back to get a full view of the show I imagined was about to begin.
I could see Sue’s stomach and tits pressed against the glass tabletop. Her knees were slightly bent and her pussy lips gapped open from her previous stretching by Steve’s cock. Sue’s legs trembled (in anticipation?) making her ass cheeks jiggle seductively. Steve moved slowly toward her, deliberately stroking his cock as he came closer. Each stroke was awesome as the pinkish tip of his cock would disappear beneath his foreskin with each pull, before being beautifully exposed on the down stroke. He stopped just above me, giving his manhood several more quick strokes before lowering the head toward me. I submissively accepted his offer (order?) and licked around his exposed glans. Precum oozed from his pee hole. I worked my tongue in circular motions around his head enjoying the salty musk. Sue wiggled her hips from side to side and made a whining sound… she wanted his cock also. Steve pulled his delicious chocolate rod away from my lips and leaned forward into Sue’s shaven pussy. In the half light, I watched Steve rub the tip of his cock in circular motions, lubricating it and teasing my wife at the same time. Sue arched her back raising her ass, while spreading her legs even farther apart. Steve inched his cock into my wife, releasing the shaft and grabbing her by the waist. Slowly he began pumping his cock into her willing cunt. Each stroke advanced a little deeper into her. Finally, with a grunt, he thrust forward and buried his shaft in my wife’s quivering cunt. His hands firmly holding on to her hips, Steve held his manhood inside her for a few long second allowing Sue’s pussy to become re-accustomed to his size. Then, the fucking began.
I watched mesmerized as Steve’s glistening black rod pistoned in and out of my wife’s fuck hole. Her meaty, engorged cunt lips embraced his dark shaft as he pushed it into her again and again like a machine. Each thrust evoked a low, guttural moan from Sue and soon she began pushing back into Steve’s cock. As they fucked faster and faster, Steve’s balls slammed into her pussy with each stroke.
Sitting below the action, I unconsciously opened my mouth and stretched out my tongue toward Steve’s scrotum. I leaned forward now fully aware of the tasty pleasure only inches above my chin. Finally, the tip of my tongue made contact with the soft hairless skin of Steve’s black ball sack. Leaning farther forward, I flittered my tongue fully on his heavy balls, tasting his musky flavor as he made each stroke. Suddenly, he stopped pumping and lowered his balls into my face, even as Sue continued to feverishly buck on his stiff shaft. I opened my mouth farther, fully accepting his balls and gently sucking and caressing them in my mouth. The sight of his cock buried in my wife’s shaved cunt, the aroma of cock and pussy juice, and the salty/musky taste of Steve’s balls combined
into a kaleidoscope of erotica… I felt my cock begin to stir again.
Too soon, Steve pulled his delicious nut sack away from my mouth and again started pumping my wife in earnest. Alternating fast hard strokes and a circular grinding motion, I could tell both he and Sue were nearing climax. Droplets of their combined juices dribbled from their union and occasionally fell onto my face and into my waiting mouth. Sue’s grunts became louder and faster as Steve hammered away at her sopping hole.

Above me, Steve stared to emit a low, manly moan and looking up, I was his beautiful black ball sack tighten as he prepared to empty his seed into Sue’s eager womb. Sue was already ahead of him, now standing on her tip-toes, her legs and ass quivered and I could see her stomach muscles pulse as she came. Through the glass tabletop, her face was contorted, eyes closed and mouth open in perfect oblivion to everything around her except the feeling of Steve’s cock ready to explode.
Steve let out one more mighty groan and pulled Sue’s body back into his while pushing forward with all his strength. His legs and arms tensed as he shot his salty load into my wife. Quickly, I looked up… just in time to see Steve start to pull out of my wife’s pussy. As the tip of his cock exited her cunt, a glob of creamy white jism dropped out of her gaping hole. I tried to position my mouth to catch it, but was only partly successful and a portion careened off my chin onto my shoulder. I was more successful with the second batch and savored its musky taste as I watched my wife lay spent on our kitchen table.
Steve stepped toward me once again and commanded `Clean me bitch!” As I took hold of his half limp manhood and began licking my wife’s juices from it I knew my relationship with not only my wife, but also with my daughter had just changed forever. Just how radically that change would be I would have to wait to find out. I buried my face in the bull’s crotch and attempted to take his entire length into my submissive mouth.

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