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My hot wife – interracial sex story

My first wife’s name was Sue. We had been High School sweethearts before we were married, so she had very limited sexual experience outside our bedroom before we started swinging at age 35. By that time, Sue was the mother of three girls. She was 5-7 tall and slim at 127 lbs. She had nice tits and a nice ass. Sue had jade green eyes and was a natural redhead with light freckles on her face and shoulders. She kept her naturally curly hair shoulder length and her bright red bush full and untrimmed hiding her meaty cunt lips (which I loved). By 35, after 16 years of marriage, our sex life had started to cool, so we began to fantasize about adding another man to our bed. I was so deeply in love with her that the subject of another woman wasn’t even considered; I wanted to see her happy and satisfied. As we talked about how we wanted to “get into” the lifestyle, I suggested a black lover might be erotic. At first Sue was cool to the idea, but I persisted. We watched interracial videos and I showed her interracial photos spreads in porno mags. Eventually, she agreed to the idea and we began to look for a well endowed black man to share our bed.
interracial sex story

At that time, Sue was working as a hostess at a local restaurant and as luck would have it, one of the dish washers (a 30 some year old black guy named Steve) had always flirted with her whenever
possible. Steve had spent most of the previous ten years in prison for trafficking drugs and had a gangster type personality that got Sue off. One night, about a week after we had made our decision, it was pouring down rain as the restaurant closed at 9pm. When Steve asked for a ride home because his car was broken down, Sue quickly agreed and they piled into her Accord.

Sue got home about 1030 that night. Sue rolled over facing me and kissed me deeply. I slipped my hand down into her panties only to find her already soaking wet. She smiled and asked if I was really serious about her fucking a black guy… I instantly got rock hard. “Sure” I said, “have you found someone you like?” Her pussy already gave me the answer to my question. “I might have…” she said, peeling out of her panties. She climbed on top of me and easily slipped my cock into her well lubed cunt. She then proceeded to tell me how she had given “Steve” a ride home and how the talk had easily shifted to sex and how she
had asked him if black men really were so well endowed as they waited at a stop light. I could feel my cock grow larger as she described how Steve had unzipped his pants in the car and pulled out
his cock for her to see the 9+ inches of uncut proof and asked if she wanted to touch it. I felt the pressure growing in my balls as she told me how she had pulled into the unlit end on a parking lot
and there touched her first black cock. How she could quite reach all the way around it with her hand and how she had started stroking it as it grew rigid in her hand. Steve had started rubbing her
pussy through her trousers she hesitated, and then confessed how she had opened her legs and undone her own zipper to give him access to her wet pussy. Sue pumped and ground her pussy into my
cock as she told me how his fingers felt rubbing her swollen clit and how she had cum when he pushed two of his ebony fingers into her puss. And finally how Steve had cum in her hand and she had rubbed his seed onto her pussy before putting herself back together for the ride home. I blew my load into her… that’s why her cunt was so wet… “He wants to see me again” she said climbing off and laying next to me. “Can I?”
I considered the possibilities and implications… but she had in effect made the decision for me. Sue was on her way to becoming a black cock slut though neither of us fully realized it at the time. “Sure” I said. She turned away from me with a smile and fell asleep.
Sue called at 7:30 the following night. She would be late, could I get the kids in bed… Steve wanted to play. As I agreed, I could here his voice in the background: “Hurry up!” “I have to go” she said and hung up before I could tell her I loved her. As I waited in bed that night, I had a mix of feelings: excited… she was fucking her first black cock; jealous… another man was doing my wife. As I tried to fall asleep, my hard cock kept me awake. As it grew later, I got out of bed and looked at the clock: midnight and still no Sue. Finally, at 12:45 I heard her car pull into the drive way. I slipped into bed and tried to act like I was asleep. The front door closed and I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs…. My cock pulsed. She sat on the edge of our bed and gently shook me “awake”. “I have something for you” she softly said. As she kissed me I could taste the mixture of cigarette and cock on her breath… my cock twitched faster.

Sue stood up and slipped out of the white blouse and black trousers she wore at work. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and there were small bite marks around her nipples. Sue took my hand and pulled me to her. Standing together, we kissed again…deeply. The salty taste of cum filled my senses. She guided my hand down into her panties, this time there was no mistake, her wet pussy was sopping and swollen. I felt the slimy liquid of Steve’s cum on her pussy lips and hair. Her panties were also soaked through with his seed. My body trembled as I shot my load into my “tightie whitie”
underpants. Sue giggled. “Sorry I’m home so late” she said. “I couldn’t get Steve to cum.” Her hair was tossed and sweaty; her face was red and flushed… I could tell he’d ridden her hard.
“Come help me get cleaned up, baby.” Sue said, pulling me down onto the bed with her. She lay back on the bed and slipped out of her panties before opening her legs to me. I stared at the scummy mess that used to be my wife’s little pussy. Her red pussy hair was wet and matted where his cum was still sticking to it. Her pussy lips were swollen and engorged giving them a bright pink color like her clit that was extending well out past its hood. Small black pubic hairs clung to her inner thighs and the crack of her ass glistened with wetness. But the most noticeable change was her cunt itself. Stretched and obviously well fucked, it literally gaped open allowing some of the now colorless fluid to seep out. She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear… “Clean me baby. Lick it all up.” Obediently I moved down between her legs and started to lick. I could taste her musky juices and his salty spunk mixed together in the liquid I now lapped and swallowed. Sue began telling me what happened that night as I slid my tongue into her well used pussy and sucked the sperm from her cunt hair… They had gone to a hair dressing shop owned by Steve’s sister. The store had closed at 6 pm, but Steve had a spare key. He had taken her into the back office where he had sat on the desk and commanded her to stand in front of him. He had commanded her to strip in front of him, which she did… the thought of my pretty white wife being mastered by a black man started getting me hard again. She said he began talking rough to her as she took off her clothes. Telling her what a slut and whore she was and making her agree with him and repeat that yes, she was a slut and whore. I licked her swollen pussy lips savoring the taste and the story my used wife was telling me.

Steve had grabbed her hair and forced Sue onto her knees in front of him. She had looked up at him for some sign of tenderness, but instead saw only the hard look of her new Master as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his ebony cock. He directed her to put her hands behind her back and keep them there… she complied. Steve had then ordered my wife to open her mouth and suck his black cock… which she told me she did eagerly. She told me he wasn’t totally hard as he pushed his manhood into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled on his foreskin tonguing around his cockhead and tasting his salty precum as he grew stiff.
On her knees and totally submissive to Steve, she tried to accept his dick. Steve had grabbed her by the hair and face fucked her forcing himself deeper and deeper. Sue started to choke and reflexively pushed away with her hands… Steve became furious…. Sue had not obeyed him.. and grabbed my wife by her wrists. A quick slap across her face had convinced Sue she had better comply with his orders and she returned her hands behind her back. By this time, I had completed cleaning the outer lips of my wife’s pussy and began running my tongue between her swollen labia… going deep for the creamy prize she had brought me. My cock was once again twitching at the thought of my wife being used and abused by a black master.

Sue told me Steve had mad her suck his black rod for over half an hour before he allowed her to stand once again before him, naked and sweating. He instructed her to lie on the floor and spread her
white whore pussy so he could see what he now owned. Trembling with fear (and anticipation) she did so. At his direction, Sue then began to masturbate for him and he stood over her stroking his cock. The sight of his 9+ inched got her even wetter as she told me how she had fantasized about Steve finally entering her pussy. Once again, Steve directed her to admit what a white whore slut she was and how she had always wanted to be filled by black cock. I couldn’t take any more… I pulled myself over her fumbled with my little dick, guiding it toward her red hole… anticipating the
fuzzy warm tightness of my wife’s familiar pussy. I hardly noticed as the tip of my cock slid effortlessly into her. I couldn’t tell if it was Steve’s cum filling her womb or the fact she was stretched
wide that made my jabbing thrusts slip so easily around her puss. I could hardly feel her cunt, yet the idea of fucking her after Steve had used her and empties his load into her made my cock super
sensitive and I rapidly started feeling the cum build again in my balls.

As I continued to poke her with my erect 5 inches, Sue finished telling me how Steve had mounted her… how he had pushed into her stretching her pussy and making her gasp as he did so. My wife told me all the details of how her Master had fucked her on her back and doggy style, alternating fast and hard with slow and easy… making himself last as she had climaxed over and over again… each time becoming more his black cock whore.
As I pumped and pumped, trying to work myself to orgasm, I knew it was a matter of time before I lost her to Steve, but it didn’t matter. I had gotten what I wished for, my wife was irreversibly turning to a slut for black cock and a sub slave to her black master. As I finally spurted my drops of white cum into her, I only wondered what my role in this would be… or if I would be truly cucked and left only the duty of serving my slut wife and her master. My cock twitched at the prospect. (MORE TO CUM…….)

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12 thoughts on “My hot wife – interracial sex story

  1. This really great story what is what it should be like, but there is an air of unreality to it some pics might help but hey_______

  2. Dude, how the fuck could you be straight? Sucking another dudes cum out of your wife’s pussy? That story makes me gag man! The goal is to have the bull impregnate her, not for you to suck that shit out. What are you doing having sex with her? No,she is now black property and he has the right to beat the crap out of you. You’re job is now their servant, pay for stuff, this is why you are the ex husband because you are gay and didn’t respect the black guy and you were concerned with your own pleasure. You fucked it up

  3. i agree with chicago cuck it is the goal for the bull to impregnate her…….. if this story is true is he still fucking her ? has he bred her ? that’s why you’re her ex husband as well as once she has had a superior BBC in her there’s no way she would ever want a white cock in her again….nice pic though.

  4. What a great story.. I too was success in getting my ex wife to fuck a black bull. He literally changed her overnight from a concervative proper lady to a black cock slut… overnight all she could think about was who she was going to fuck next… once she invited four black bull athletes and the fucked foyer everywhich way until she literally passed out.. we divorced soon after but last I knew of her she was still in great form at 53..

  5. My wife makes me lay under them and lets him rub his cock on my face and in her pussy till he cums down my throat. I just squirted again

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