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My Hotwife for interracial sex

We are a happily married couple who has experimented and played with other couples over the years. She’s been with a couple of much younger white guys but I’m trying to convince her to take BBC. Maybe some of you out there could give me some pointers? What is the best way to convince her to try it?My Hotwife for BBCMy Hotwife for BBCMy Hotwife for BBC

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14 thoughts on “My Hotwife for interracial sex

  1. She is so hot and she should definitely be getting some bbc, regularly. Can’t really tell you how to convince her as i have not been able to convince my wife but at least your wife has already taken some other men, bbc is the next step.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Alanm. She has no problem pulling young guys when she goes out to the bars and she gets plenty of attention from black guys, but I haven’t been able to get her interested in going black yet.

  2. If you have Balls,,HOT INTERRACIAL MOVIES.,,my sweet hubby knows NO TOYS,,just good old fashionn,,DEEP,,bareback,,talking Dirty,& made me admit,,submit,& Bragging.OVULATING is the Best time..HOT,, Sincerely

  3. Sean, keep on trying. Eventually the right situation will come along and it will happen. Get your (very sexy looking, by the way) wife to watch IR vids with you and explore sites like this one along with you, find a couple of other ones on the ‘net to peruse. Maybe sign up on one or two fairly local internet swinger websites, they always have single black men that have profiles seeking couples with hot wives. Your wife is very, very hot indeed so it won’t take long before you get lots of messages to check out. One thing though – make sure her very first time is arranged in a nice place (hotel, nice house, etc.) and that the BBC bull you choose has lots of good certifications from other sources, is very hygienic, is a reputable gentleman, and has shown proof of how well endowed he is before meeting. It saves a lot of time and hassle and even though she will still probably have butterflies in her stomach, your wife will be a lot more comfortable going in. It will also lead to her being more adventurous after that, because she will understand how much you want things to go right for her and how much you want to see her enjoy herself. That is how we started out, and my sexy wife has had 5 different black gentlemen with very, very large cocks service her over the last few years on a regular basis whenever she wants (one at a time, of course). One of them moved away, but a couple of them will put it to her whenever she gets the urge. It is extremely exciting to see the woman you love getting thoroughly physically satisfied for a couple of hours by a well endowed black bull that she feels comfortable with, especially seeing the look in her eyes (when they’re not rolling in the back of her head) as he is wedged between her wide spread legs, fucking her barebacked of course, and pumping a huge load of his seed deep into her body. She has told me many times that it is her favorite part of every outing. You need to make this happen for your sexy wife, too.
    Just remember – when it happens, it will become a regular part of your sex life, so do not ever, ever deny her the privilege of seeking or maintaining a well hung bull for herself, because she will definitely want it from time to time. Good luck to both of you!

  4. Maybe you can try what I did. My wife also has had sex with other white guys we know. I wanted her to try Blacks but she was reluctant. I introduced her to a Black guy I work with. He is very good looking and looks like a football player. I saw that they were attracted to each other. I told my friend that my wife said that she says your really a hot guy (of course she didn’t say that). The next time we invited him to a party of ours I noticed he was taking a more interest in my wife. once I saw him pat her on her ass. she didn’t say anything. At another party I noticed they were not around and I saw them in the rear deck hugging and kissing. I had to go away for a few days on business and asked my friend to check in on my wife. He did and I know they had sex as she told me when I came home. she said it was great. Now they have sex on a regular basis

    1. You are welcome I’m sure once you introduce her to the Idea she will want to go for BBC’s and it will make your marriage stronger. Have you shown her any Interracial pix? If not do so.

  5. You are welcome I’m sure once you introduce her to the Idea she will want to go for BBC’s and it will make your marriage stronger. Have you shown her any Interracial pix? If not do so.

  6. Sean I’m sure things will work out. Have you shown her any Interracial pix? If not do so. But go slow as you want her to make it her idea not yours and soon she will be enjoying BBC’s

  7. I notice that some of the advice here is that you show her IR movies/videos. But studies seem to show that women prefer to read porn, whereas men prefer to watch it. So maybe you should go to Amazon or something like that and get some black-white erotic literature for her to be able to read at her own pace and let her fantasize more closely with the content.
    A good example would be Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel “Amours Noires,” which was published in French in 1982. I don’t know if your wife reads French, or if that book has been translated into English. But that’s the kind of material I’m talking about.

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