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My interracial sex story

Went to see reggie at his cute little motor home. Gave me a kiss and a big hug. Doesnt waste much time as he got naked right away. Said he wanted to show me his cock! Well, i never seen a naked black man before all muscular and shiny, but, I”d say he was one hung dude! I got naked so he could see me, Had an effect on him, as he started getting an erection. Squezzed his dick with one hand and it made him worse! Put other hand on him and discovered room for two more hands! Couldn’t touch my fingers together as he was also getting very thick! Two inches wide at least! The head looked like a big plum! He was so stiff he hung a towel over his cock and bobed it up and down and threw it off! Well i”m horny and want to fuck! How tough can it be as i had two kids natural method. I leaned over a table and spred my legs real wide. He lubed up his dick head and we worked pretty hard to get it in me.IT WAS a good stretch after all! He left it there so i could get used to his size AS he massaged my quivering legs, Looked over at a mirror and it looked like we were connected by a radiator hose or a post! Then he began to slowly slide in me, Now every woman wants that full feeling when mounted by a man and i was surely getting that! In fact, it was getting very uncomfortable! Then! it happened! I farted! OMG! i hope that dont stink He said ” dont worry just makes more room for cock” He was pumping me and dammiit i kept farting! finally that stopped and he was probing my my womb. Been a long time for and i had an orgasm right then! Thot he”d stop but he started pushing more into me We got at different angles and i tried to help him get over that cervix. Hurt like hell and i was about to stop him just as he made it! SHIT! his cock head was in a very sensitive area! Reached under and found he had a good inch out yet! He started pushing it in more! OMG! I heard a lot of moaning and groaning and sqeeling and found out it was mostly me! GOD! he finally got in balls deep! Jeeze i could feel him in my very vitals! Hope he dont puncture something i need to survive! I reached down and rolled those big avoccado like balls on my tummy. THAT did it! HE started squirting into me and i could feel every hot squirt deep up there! He said “dont worry, i got a big load” MY TURN so i said “dont worry i”ll take all you can pour into me” (PROBABLY regret saying that later) He pulled about halfway out and i thot it was over. Then my cunt started haveing spasms, This was new to me and he said “dont worry it just means you been fucked well” Ii had a effect on him tho as he started getting hard again! SHit he was pumping me again I had just had the biggest orgasm of my life and iwas going off again! He did too and put another load in me! now ive got a load on both sides of my womb.With all that polishing of my cervix with the underside of his cock, I”ll bet my womb has sucked in a lotta sperm. I”am still on a low dose pill, but even at my age ol reggie mighta knocked me up!! Stranger things have happened. He finally got out with a big plop!! Then i had a cunt fart and blew cum on his leg! Jeeze!
My interracial sex story

I watched the cum pouring out of me makeing a puddle on his floor. Finally stood up { i could hardly stand} he rubbed my tummy and more big blobs fell out. I wiped off and put my skirt on. Forget the panties iam still leaking. Put bra in purse as boobs still too sensitve yet. I thot my nippls were going to fall on the table earlier I got out of there before he decided to breed me again. Seen one of my girl friends in the store other day . She said “looks like you been out in the sun. Yourre starting to peel a ways above your knee” I told herNO A BIG black stud took me down and fucked my brains out! Thats dried cum your seeing. She said ” In your dreams honey in your dreams “Okay so be it. Hubby never did see that, but he asked why i was walking a little funny. Told him i twisted my ankle a little. So be it Almost a day and a half before that ache in my fornix went away. By the way iam NOT pregnant!! Whew!!

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  1. This was one of the hottest stories I have read on this site. I would love to read and see more about your next adventure with that black stud. It is a shame that you aren’t pregnant. Why not skip a pill here and there, make it interesting.

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