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My love story part 2

Before I knew it we were hanging out together, sharing secrets, being there for each other when the other was crying or hurt, it was a year later before Jovan finally asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes, instantly. Over a period of two years we got to know each other, though we went through some tough times and alot of judgement from my father and his family we made it work, one night when I was stepping out of the shower I heard him enter the apartment, after a few minutes I left the bathroom and went into my room to get my night clothes on, before I knew it Jovan had grabbed me around the waist and began to kiss me, I was reluctant at first but then I started kissing back, I soon found myself looking into his eyes, oh how beautiful they are .. He pulled my towel down, then started to undress, I watched him very closely and studied his body, he was lean and tall, nice definition, well sculpted, he was perfect .. He looked at my body and reached out and grabbed my B cups, squeezing them, he made me moan then soon after pulled me into his arms and got into bed, moving underneath the sheets and covers we played, he tickled me as did I him, he fondled my breasts and sucked on my pink nipples, I rubbed and stroked his thick, uncut penis, he started running his fingers through my curly, reddish brown hair, he did the same but with a different patch of hair .. Using his fingers he spread my pink labia apart and teased my virgin hole, my insides immidiately constricted around his finger but he pulled out before I could trap him inside, I pushed him away, playfully then slipped down underneath the sheets, I could smell his manly scent and immidiately pressed my lips against his shaft :To Be Continued:

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