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My lover with marvelous body

My last Jamaica holidays were so exciting! I met several black guys with absolutely magnificent bodies and awesome tool in their panties. You can guess that my white hubby could only watch us fucking around!my black lover

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9 thoughts on “My lover with marvelous body

  1. Nice pic. My wife fucked a young black guy in Antigua. He was a beach attentdant at our resort and must have sensed she liked young black cock. If you want your wife to try black cock a Caribbean holiday is the place to go.

    1. I always let my other half go with well hung BBC…as long as it’s bare back & she takes his load deep in any of her holes…….AND I GET TO CLEAN UP AFTER

    2. Yes….. Jamaica…….that’s where my partner took her 1st interracial gang bang…. 4 very well hung young black cocks creampies all of her holes…….SHE GOES BACK ON HER ON NOW FOR “VACATION”!!!!!

  2. my wife did the same thing in the bahamas we met this taxi driver that turned her on and before you know it he pounded her for two days at her most fertile time he came in her pussey 7 times and no protection i knew at that point she was introuble because his seed was fertilizeing her eggs and i was right a week later

    1. Well done that man…….my other half is past ever getting pregnant. So when we go on holiday (abroad)…..I let her of her leash..& while I go golfing she sleeps with who ever she fancys …from female maid’s… well hung young black studs

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