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My Mom wants BBC – hot story

A few months ago, my white buddy and I went over to my black friend’s home. We were sitting around watchin tv. My black friend got up to go to the bathroom and his phone fell out of his pocket. It was left behind on the sofa. My other friend grabbed it and began to look through all of his photos and videos. We laughed at a few pics. Then… my buddy came across this picture of a hot lady! He said, “oh…man that’s your mom!!!” My response was no it’s not! I grabbed the phone and saw that the background resembled my house and the lady was defiantly my 45 year old mother!!!!

Shawn, my black friend, entered the room. I said, “what the fuck is this!” His eyes widened. Shawn couldn’t believe that I’ve found the picture he had taken of my mom. I pushed him as hard as I can and ran out of the house with his phone. I cried and ran home. My mom, who’s been married to my dad for 23 years, fucked a black dude, or my former friend!

Today, many months later, I look at the photo more and more and say, “damn, my mom’s hot!” It seems wrong to think that, but I honestly think for a 45 year old woman she’s fucking amazing. Someone that hot should not go unpleased. Apparently, my dad wasn’t pleasing her. I now imagine how my black friend dominated my mom and turned my dad into a cuckold. All of these images in my head have turned me into a cuckoldmy mom wants bbc

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15 thoughts on “My Mom wants BBC – hot story

  1. Friend,

    Don’t forget your friend can’t help it. He is just doing what comes natural. The woman who received his special favor happened to be “Mom”. Not his fault, he was born with a massive cock we both wish we had and I garrentee if you had his cock. You’d do the same. Go easy for he is a good friend and friends mean something.

  2. Yes its hot to think about these big black guys fucking our moms and sisters ,daughters and girlfreinds.

    1. I’d like to hear your stories of your mom fucking your bully… my favorite stories… and my favorite kind of mom

  3. Dude,your mother is just a woman and has the same needs and desires of any woman in the world! Remember,all women are sluts and whores deep inside,and your mom is no exception! I’m sure you have seen this in your mom’s eyes before,and maybe even noticed the way she looks like she had something on her mind!
    I remember the first time I saw my mother’s eyes focused on my bulge,and the way she breathed harder when you stretched and let my clock show ! My mom began to wear sexy shorts and tops soon afterwards! My friends all wanted to fucking the shot out of her,and would tell me everything they would do to her! I began to like hearing how she was the sexiest mom ever!
    I lied and told him that I saw my mom topless and even told him to go down stairs and chat her up! My mom was wearing the same black shorts and top that I got her for mother’s day!

  4. I a man the mom in the photo above, I fucking love black cocks. My husband and I are living our fantasies and I am a proud bbc slut. No shame in the lifestyle. We all get what we want. Big black guys leave my oussy throbbing and my husband either cleans up or pushing the guys cum deep inside me by fucking my lovely creampie afterwards. So hot. Kisses…Janet..x

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