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The story about cuckold on vacation with slutwife, bbc and watching hubby

I and my husband were on vacation in a new place this month. We have been married for 12 years. We have chosen a new place to relax to get new impressions and find a bbc for our entertainment and new cuckold story.
We went to a nightclub in the evening. The rules of the party and the roles were known to everyone, we drank cocktails and examined free black bull who might like me. Soon a handsome man in a blue shirt with a blood-colored handkerchief approached us, and I felt a shiver.
-Are you having a good time? – He asked in a deep voice.
– Yes, – I answered, – we are looking for a strong black bull to continue the evening in our room.
My husband was pleased with his appearance. We drank cocktails together and went to our room.
In the room, Leo – that was the name of this bull  – leaned towards me and pulled me with one hand. When he hugged me and started kissing me, my husband sat motionless on the bed, I knew that his heart was beating at a breakneck pace.
I started kissing Leo passionately. In a few seconds, his hands were already sliding over my body from my ass to my chest, and arousal began to spread throughout my body. He turned me to hubby`s face and began to unzip the dress. I looked at him and pressed my ass against his growing dick.
Leo slid one hand down, down my stomach, and then between my legs. I groaned, turned to him, and then in one motion completely removed my dress.
– Be a good girl and kneel before me. – Leo said.
He slowly pulled his bbc out of his pants and I took it with both hands. After a few seconds, I teased his  with my tongue, and then took it in my mouth and throat.
Leo moved faster and harder, squeezing my hair, I tried to swallow his bbc, it was so thick and long that it was impossible to deepthroat it.
– Your hotwife is pretty good at it. I’m sure she’s had a lot of practice. – Leo said to hubby teasing.
He just nodded and started taking off his jeans.
– Does it turn you on? Do you want me to fuck your slutwife? Do you want to see how I`ll  plunge my black dick into your hotwife’s wet pussy?
My hubby just nodded his head while I sucked on Leo’s dick.
He lifted me off the floor and his hands slid between my legs to find the wet and ready pussy. He walked over to the bed and sat next to my husband, his dick raised high, waiting for me to sit on him. I straddled him and rubbed my wet pussy against the head of his bbc.
– Are you going to fuck me hard?- I asked.
– As much as you like.- Leo replied.
– Are you going to make him watch? – I teased my husband
– As close as possible. – he replied.
– Are you going to enter me? I said, and finally sank down on him, and his black dick fill me an inch at a time until my ass was pressed against his body.
As I began to move up and down, letting him penetrate me each time, my husband stroked himself faster, leaning over and watching.
We fucked and moaned, it was good for both of us. I stood up and told my husband to kneel down, he obediently knelt down on the floor.
– Why don’t you help us? – I said to my husband.
Then he reached out a trembling hand and wrapped around Leo’s throbbing cock. I sank down to where my husband was holding bbc and he thrust it back into me, watching me only a few inches away.
The hubby almost finished from this kind. He put both hands on my hips, bent down and started licking my clit, sucking on it while Leo fucked me.
I screamed, grabbed my husband by the hair to hold him. I felt like I was coming, my body was shaking, and  veins on Leo’s cock throbbed with every shudder. Leo squeezed me tighter and began to moan too, leaving red marks on my thighs. And I thought with pleasure that they would be on my body for a few days later.
– Oh, damn, you’re so resilient. I’m about to cum too. I’m going to cum in this married pussy. Leo said.
I let him fill me as deep as he could go. My husband saw that balls`s Leo harden and then saw how Leo start pouring his cum into his slutwife’s pussy.
– Yes, that’s right! – I moaned, pulling my husband to me.
I got up, started kissing my husband and we fell on the bed. A little later, Leo left our room, and I was very tired. My husband was very aroused and entered me. He felt very good and knew that he would not last long. And so it happened. He kissed me when he came and I hugged him tightly.

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