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My new bride for black

This is my new bride Jody. She is a lover of black guys, and really only married me because I will let her play when she wants. My best man was a very handsome and well hung black guy. He also had her bareback that night while I slept on the floor.

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15 thoughts on “My new bride for black

  1. If shes like that, is she going to trick her married friends into it also. Makes me wounder if thoughs two brides maids have any idea what there friend is like. I bet they don’t.
    I bet your wife is going to trick them into it one at a time at drunken parties. And laugh as her friend is screaming from it. She has that look about her. You know a kind of devilish look to her.

  2. Becareful with her, if she was like this befor you were even married. She will get very pervse years down the road.
    I should know my wife was the same, I came home one day and found her in our daughters bed room introduceing her to it with a married black couple. She was masterbating while our daughter screamed and sqweeled from them having there way. I found out later that she had two black female friends come over years befor and had them have there way with our older son too( hes in college now).
    I had thought when she had a group of big black women come over and had them practically rape me on my birthday. She was thinking she was rewarding me. But I know now she just enjoys seeing other practically forced into her life stile. Sort of like what she had done to her friends in college and her married friends now.


    P.S. becareful things can get out of had easy

  3. Yeah! Let’s see a picture that shows her cunt filled with your Best Man. What was the best man’s toast like? A toast to the new married couple and to the wife I’m going to fuck tonight! Cheers!

  4. Hi,
    Been getting it myself for over a year, I’m 38, married with three kids one adult and two teens(all my husbands). I would love to help you get thoughs bride maids into it. Nothing like seeing or hearing some else getting it for the first time. It is just so erotic, reminds me of my first.


  5. Kim, your so right,when hubby introduced me to tyronne,that hugh black-meat,,made me Scream with Uncontrollable Pleasure. These naughty brides mades will Love the Passion, while hubby jacks off. Love Christine ps Can’t Get enough.

  6. some of you who read mostly my wifes replys know that we had some black guys fuck her on our wedding night also,we both loved it and now 19 years later we still do,recently my wife wrote,and this is mainly for JOHN how we cant wait for our daughter to turn 17 watching her young hot cunt getting fuckt by some of my wifes black fuck friends ,the one with the biggest cock,we get so horny to see that black monster sliding al the way in her tight cunt and hear her scream like the little black cock whore sshe will be in delight and from then on getting gangbanged with her mother same time,JOHN did it make you hard when you watcht your girl getting fuckt,with wife masturbating,telling them to fuck the shit out of her?,we cant wait to see her cunt fucked and become a black cock whore like her mother,reply please, NADIA,S happy cuck husband.
    the bride above is hot and will be a nice fucktoy for black cocks

  7. italienwife4bbc,

    At first I was in shock and yes had a hard on, until my wife saw me and said don’t fight it. I actually came in my paints with out even touching my self after about 5 minutes of watching.
    I don’t now to this day what turned me on more, seeing the huge dick going in and out of her, her screaming/yelping or that big black wife holding her down with her hug ass on her and her hug boobs drooping over each side of my daughters face. My daughter looked like she was being obsorbed by some kind of black orgy animal.
    And yes my wife watched these two take her and edged it on.
    Words can’t describe how intense it was.


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