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My sexy sexy wife

Here are a few pics of my beautifull wife. one time we got her some BIG BLACK COCK (accually two) but as weird as it sounds, they seemed nervouse and this was the only opertunity we’ve had to give her some BLACK COCK and im pretty sure she could have a better xperiance.
anyways hers my slutty lil wifeMy sexy sexy wifemy sexy sexy wifemy sexy sexy wifemy sexy sexy wife

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13 thoughts on “My sexy sexy wife

  1. As much as i would like to do your wife,i think you should keep her for your self,because once she fucks others she will never get back to you again,so that’s a great risk

  2. Hi, Scott and Krystal,
    Keep the faith. People are people and not all people are always compatible with each all times and conditions. You’ll eventually find black men who are perfect sex matches for Krystal. She’s beautiful. She’ll have lots of black men lusting to get between her sexy legs.You’ll see.

  3. Krystal,you have such an amazingly sexy look about yourself…but your tight wet horny pussy & ass is what I truly desire more than anything on this earth !!!!!

  4. Krystal,your sweet tight wet horny pussy longs for my thick throbbing dark long big black dick…I’d be sure to fuck you so long ,hard & deep…making you cum more than you’d ever think possible and giving you the hottest horniest fuck of your entire life!!!!!

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