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I love my life now

I love my life now. No more worries about being macho, or defending my male ego, or pretending to be what I am not. My mistress is in charge, and there is nothing better than the sight of a muscular african adonis using her for his pleasure, while providing her with more than I could ever hope to.

My sexy wife for you bbc

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10 thoughts on “I love my life now

  1. I agree with Darryl, I only wish my wife would take charge and put me in my place. She already has an attraction to black men, It’s time to move to the next step.

  2. I agree, I think a lot of white women are wanting it badly, to feel taken by a big black guy in the right situation. Some women will want to do it before marriage or after their married to please their husband. I get emails all the time from guys wanting to talk their wives into screwing a black friend or picking up some guys on vacation to fuck all night.

  3. wow man my wife could take this cock with ease anybody seen the american challenge dildo out there it is fucking huge ,yep she took it no problem she would need a over sized bull to please her you black guys would love to fuck her , she is really sexy with a pussy made for huge cock

  4. There you go, man. Just be yourself and don’t feel like you gotta be competitive in the size department. If your girl goes wild for BBC, let her. You’ve got other qualities.

  5. This looks like my wife in th 80’s when she was in the military. She loved joints,
    so when the MP’s would come she’d give em hand jobs. She’d take turns sucking their
    cocks in the back seat. Then they’d take her down range and She fuck their balls blue!!! There were two big bulls she said love take turns “Dp”ing her . She never got a warning, but she said she could have BBC and pot just about any “down time” she wanted!!!

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