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My wat dreams

I been thinking bout my wet dreams so much, that I wanted to share them with more white couples.Wanted to show them what I’ll soon be experiencing (if hubby allows) for myself,and what they’re missing…  wat dreamsmy  wat dreamsmy  wat dreamsMy wat dreams My wat dreams

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3 thoughts on “My wat dreams

  1. These are smart women who know how to enjoy life
    (and BBC!) and who know how to provide pleasure to their
    superior black bulls. Who said that all white women are
    dumb? Photos like these prove that’s not true at all!

  2. It doesn’t matter what your hubby thinks. If you’re already desiring it, fulfill. Cuck him into submission. You will love it 😉 and he will too!!! (Once he realizes his true place is beneath your power and control). I promise, he will get so hott from his frustration seeing you get owned by a bbc.

  3. The last foto is me and my bosses wife. My boss is in the background on the right mastirbating. I work as a gardener at their house. This foto was taken by my boss’s friend. We all got drunk this day. We played card game and I won. My boss asked me to bang his wife with a condom. I banged her hard for more than 30 minutes. Just before I felt I was going to cum, my boss quickly took my cock out of Mrs Joubert’s puss and he tore a hole at the tip of my condom and he put my cock back inside his wife. I started to cum and made all my sperm inside my madams puss.

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