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My Wife

I discovered I wanted to be a cuckold, when I discover my wife fucking a couple black guys at a wedding we were at. She went to smoke a joint with these two men. After 1/2 hr, i went tlooking for her and found her in a storage room getting fucked hard by the guys. I was so fucking horny watching her. She didn’t see me,but when we got home, I couldn’t wait to eat the cum out of her wet pussy. Now,we get her to seduce guys in bars,the malls,boys around the neighborhood,even get delivery men. She fuckes them while I watch from a hiding spot.
Last week, we had a new sofa delivered. She answered the door in a silk robe, loosely tied. I could see the guys checking her out as she sat down, giving them glimpses of her tits and pussy. She ended up bringing them upstairs and I watched as she got fucked by these two black menMy Wife my wifemy wifeMy Wife

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