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My wife and her BBC lover

Just take a peek on what I managed to film recently. This time I was allowed to stand really close to my wife and her lover so now I can upload some truly magnificent pics featuring her sucking black cock and getting her white snatch licked with passion!wife and her bbc loverwife and her bbc loverwife and her bbc loverwife and her bbc lover

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5 thoughts on “My wife and her BBC lover

  1. your wife has a very tight pussy,in the last picture her lover’s finger appears to be a very tight fit,must be fantastic to watch his big black cock split her tiny white cunt, your wife gotta love it also,I just can imagine the hot sexsuall feelings ripping thrue her hot body having a cock like his fucking her without mercy,tearing that tide cunt .and for her friend ,fucking that hot goodlooking married white bitch gotta be the ultimate pleasure ,you all are very lucky in our opinion .
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  2. i’m a black dude from uwc in cape town… looking for a white ass to spank with ma big black cock… if you up for nice ride in udubs email me

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