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My wife and our master – interracial cuckold

My wife is crazy about cock, black cock is the only way that she can get off. When our master comes over to fuck her I’m usually allowed to sleep at the foot of the bed, my question is should I insist or at least ask if I can excuse myself to another room while our black master enjoys her. I want to do the proper thing and be as respectful to both my wife and our black master as possible.My wife and our master

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13 thoughts on “My wife and our master – interracial cuckold

  1. Nice Photo. Actually, this was posted last year –
    but it’s always nice to see white couples who know
    that their place is to serve the Black Man and his
    predigious sexual desires and needs.

  2. Don’t you dare to disturb your wife’s fucker by getting up and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night! He might lose focus and flood her navel instead of her uterus. You should preposition several potted plants next to yourself so you can relieve yourself while he pumps BBC sperms into the female’s organ where they can do the most good.

  3. The white hubby should feel honred to have his
    white wife service the BBC Bull while he (hubby)
    sleeps on the floor and hears his sexy wife enjoying
    a BBC pounding and getting pregnant.
    If hubby’s lucky the BBC Master will permit hubby to
    watch his wife’s pounding and impregnation prior
    to being ordered to clean up the mess.

  4. I am married for 2 years and even since before we were married I was having sex with Black men. He, my husband understood that I would continue having sex with Black men in our marriage bed. On our honey moon I had sex with a Black guy that works with my husband and my husband was caged that very night. He too sleeps at the foot of our marriage bed as I have sex with my Black lovers. I would like to have him castrated but would like to hear from others about this. Next I will be breed by Blacks

    1. he will never need those small,organs any more so yes have him fixed,wife had me fixed soon after we went black owned!!

  5. Thanks Roger. I think I’m pregnant as I a 3 weeks late with my period. I have also told hubby that I want him castrated. He cringed but agreed

  6. my wife and her bbc master have me sleep at the foot of the bed. but now he is pimping her out to his friends and people he knows. he has them come to our house to use my wife. should I be worried are stop the whoring of my wife ?

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