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My wife getting BRED

I allways wanted to get my wife bred by a black bull. She loved every bit of it. She only gets it bare back and filled full and deap inside. This was all his cum. I am only allowed to watch from accross the room.wife getting BRED wife getting BREDwife getting BREDwife getting BREDwife getting BRED

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  1. hey scott, very nice set of pics showing your wife and her black bull, I agree with completely with the above two commentators above, and hope that next time you include a few side shots or doggie style allowing all of us to see your wife’s tits and facial expressions as she orgasms from taking that big black cock.

    1. I wish I was your husband! I have wanting to find a woman that will sleep around. If I was him I would want to let you fuck until you ended up pregnant. It would be really hot to come hpme and find you getting some other guys cock in you. Would like to talk to you sometime. Please text me at two five three six nine one five one six one or on fb.

  2. Yes, you’re doing great allowing black bulls to satisfy your wife. Many more couples should do this ’cause there’s nothing better than a white wive being bred by a black cock. It is so hot to see a black guy’s sperm oozing from a white cunt. Husbands who have not had such experience will never know what they’re missing. Its awesome to watch your wife take a big black cock bare and to look into her eyes when he pumps his sperm into her.

  3. Wow, what a pussy. Could it be any better… red hair and cum filled. Her husband should be eating it while she’s cleaning cum from a black cock with her mouth, although I like the thought of a white wife sucking a blk dick and getting fucked in a hotel room while her husband is at work and has no clue. He’ll eat her pussy later that night and never know he’s eating blk cum from her. The thought will give her an orgasm she’ll never forget.

  4. Wow it is wonderful !!! I dream always to clean my wife pussy filled with cum of strong black dick !!!! the husband of this lady will clean the cum from her pussy and ass or other wise please invite me to clean the cum i will fill it great pleas r to clean cum from her ass and pussy !!!!

  5. This is next for my wife. Will surprise her will a black guy from her workplace. I bumped into him at the local bookstore. Blew him away when I asked him to go into the booth next to me and I blew him. He asked if she knew I was gay and I told him yes.When I told him on Saturdays I spend several hours at the bookstore and she got to go out with one of her male friends He said he had been turned on by her for a couple of years. I told him that she does like to play it safe and have a new guy come to the house so she can play and know I’m close by. But once she feels safe with a guy she can make love to him without me there. That way I can either go see one of my boyfriends or go to the bookstore. LOLOLOL got him so turned on he asked me if I’d go back into the booth. He came more that time, I know it was because he was thinking of my wife. This Saturday, she knows a new friend is coming over. But boy is she in for a surprise, a good one. If he’s dreamed about screwing her for years, then I hope he cums in her as much as your wife got.
    I love going down on her after she comes home. But I refuse absolutley refuse to have sex with her. only a man can make me cum now and it’s the only way I will ever cum again. But I love her so much. I’m just so lucky to have a wife that will do this for me. And after a few times, I’m going to ask her to stop the pill, I’d faint with glee if she came home and told me she was pregnant with Carl’s baby. LOLOLOL and I promise if it ever happens, I will find a way to leak it to the folks at he work who she’d been screwing and after she has that beautiful black baby they will know it’s true. That’s when her mother finds out too, and THAT would be my joy, telling her mother she had to get loving somewhere.

    1. Hey Rick, have you thought about having Carl fuck you in the ass while you fuck your wife? I’m sure you’d cum in her with that big black cock massaging your prostate.

  6. awesome scott u are one lucky dude see a perdons wife being blk bred is the most awesome thing seeing the blk bull go in deep deeper than she ever had it before and watching him tense up as he shoots load after load of blk sperm right into her uterus so there is no doubt if its the right time she will be prego lucky u

  7. hey mr. bbc 10+ Iam not abig girl but you sound good. IAm just over 5ft tall and at 147 pounds. IN the doggy style i can lift my cervix to let you in maybe all the way i hope, hen i would fill me with your big load of cum. How about it?

  8. Very willing Reggie. we need to film this but dont know how. Hubby cant help as he doesnt even know i want to try long thick big balled black! Lets get together and you fill me please!

  9. met kathie. what a MILF! Married at 16 kids growed up and gone.Hubby peaked out at 18 shes just reaching hers and very horny.Showed her my 10+ cock and she wasnt to sure about her first black cock being so big but was willing to try a little of it. She undressed and spread her legs wide leaning over a padded table.Tell about it later as this about blew my mind and big balls

  10. judging by the moans and groans squeals she let me in little by little. She didnt stop me and i humpede into her balls deep. I think she might be younger than me as i was panting puffing and kathie was takeing all i could give her! She is the best white woman i ever had. I thought i was gonna have a heart attack doing her. I was so turned on i manage d to put two loads in her. When i got out the sperm just poured out. She liked looking down and watched it.

  11. MY side of the story. Brielfy. Went to see reggie at his cute little motor home. Went in and he was naked! Wanted to show me his cock. Never seen a naked black man before all muscular and shiny. looks well hung. Didnt know humans had balls THAT big! Looks like a couple big avocados! I got naked so he coild see me.Musta liked it as he started to get huge erection.Put my hands on him and stroked him. JEEZE room for two more hands! Very stiff and thick! must be 2 inches wide. Head looks like a big plum! Got good control of it as he hung a towel on it, bobed it up and down until he threw towel off! I went and leaned over a table and spread legs wide.How big a stretch can it be, ive had two kids! He lubed head and started pushing it in. WOW bigger stretch than i thot! am adjusting to his size while he massaged my quivering legs. He slowly started pushing it into me. EVERY woman likes a full feeling in her gut when a man mounts her. I was getting that fullness very well! THEN, I started farting! GOD hope it dont stink! He says dont worry, just makes more room for cock! FINALLY, i quit fartin as he was pumping me. Started gently probeing my womb and i had an orgasm then and there! SHIT! he wants in deeper so we changed angles so he could climb cervix. DAMM! it hurt like hell and was about to stop him just as he went in! SHIT! he said! like going in a second cunt! GOD! his cock head was in a VERY VERY sensitive spot! He was pumping me and his cock was rocking my cervix big time. Heard a lot of moaning and squeeling, Turned out it was mostly me! Reached under and found out he still had a good inch still out! Still pushin so i stopped him from pullin on my boobs. Very swollen and sensitive, nipples feel like falling off on table.He says dont worry, your body is responding to the male thats in you! SHIT he got my hair and whatever he could pull on, OMG! hes going for an entire entry into me! And he made it BALLS DEEP!! OMG1 i could feel him in my very vitals! HOpe he dont punture something i need to live! Reached down and rolled his big balls on my tummy.THAT triggered him and he began to shoot! I could feel all his hot squirts up in me! HE says I got a big load for you kathie. I said dont worry ill take all you can pour in me! Would regret saying that later . I had the biggest orgasm of my life then!! He pulled out about half way . Then my cunt srarted having spasms! This was new to me. He said dont worry, just means you been fucked well. Spasms turned him on and he got all hard again! Started pumping me and i had another orgasm! And he put another load in me! Now i got a load on each side of my womb. With the orgasms and cervix work. bet my womb has sucked in a lot of seed! Iam still on a low dose pill, but even at my age, Reggie could have knocked me up!! Stranger things have happened! He finally got out and i had a cunt fart which shot semen on his leg. The cum was just pouring out of me makeing a puddle on his floor. Finally stood up and he started rubbing my tummy which got more big globs of cum out! Staggered over to my clothes. Forget panties and bra. Put on skirt and blouse, Said my cordials and got hell out of there before he decided to breed me again. Almost a day and a half before ache in my fornix went away. Still leaked a little tho. Seen one of my girlfriends in store other day She said you got toomuch sun Your starting to peel just above your knee. I said thats not skin. thats dried cum. A black guy took me down and fucked my brains out! She laughed and said IN your dreams honey, in your dreams! Okaaa! so be it. Hubby never notied me leaking cum . He did ask why i walked funny for a while. Didnt tell him i had a sore cunt. Told him i twisted my ankle a little.

    By the way iam NOT pregnant!

  12. Read kathies comments. I never met to hurt her. She seemed to be likeing it. all those orgasms and all. Shes never called back for more. Would like to lay her missionary style legs wide and up by her head, Stick it in balls deep and cum in her, Leave it in her, wait about 5 minutes and put another big load in her. Wonder if you;d like that!!! Kathie
    Will see if she reads this

  13. You said you didnt want to hurt me, But dont think you can get that horse cock of yours past cervix in that position. Also where are those two loads supposed to go? I know you got the muscles to push out cum against my fornix but that cum will come squishing along your cock untill it is dripping off those huge balls of yours. Then it will running down the crack in my ass! Dont think either one of us would like this maybe!

  14. Kathie hope you read this. me and sammy and denny were talking about our favorite subject
    SE X and we thot of you. We got an idea you might like. Bend over the table again and denny will fuck you with his 9 inch cock its not very wide. When you drip out then i will fuck you with my 10 and 2inches wide. Youve had it before, shouldnt be so tough for you this time. Then you can drip out that big load. Then sammy wants to stick his 11 incher in you. Its real hes got a ruler so you can measure him, Hes not very wide and believe you can take one more inch. Your fornix should be stretched a little again by me. All the drippins go into a cup so you can see. What do you think of this horny idea?

  15. are you guys outa your mind? This sounds like a big black gangbang to me! This does make me horny again, but the 11 incher!! might not fit in me! Just found out iam gonna be a grandma in a few months. Jeeze how many black bulls out there that want to breed a granny? Even if i still like black cock. I wonder.

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