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My wife Sarah

Hey guys, here are several shots of my wife Sarah. Hope you all enjoy them. Would love to hear your thoughts about her. We are attempting on getting into sharing her with a blackman but would love to talk with someone to start to ease into this. Would love to hear from you all.My wife SarahMy wife SarahMy wife SarahMy wife SarahMy wife SarahMy wife Sarah

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38 thoughts on “My wife Sarah

  1. She is very perfect for BBC (big black cock).
    For example you can start to see together some video about wives with BBC (especially first time) and chatting with some (BBC) of them for break the ice..
    I think that it is the better start.
    Are you in the community?
    Its the best way for you to communicate with other persons.

  2. Sarah is a very beautiful woman and she’s got a wonderful friendly, sweet and amazingly sexy charisma.
    You’re a lucky man Jon!
    And any man would be very lucky to be able to have her. Would be amazing to see her with a black man I’m sure. The contrast alone would be overwhelming!

  3. She is going to make someones BBC very hard and happy, she is very sexy as is my wife. I actually let my wife sleep w one of my friends in front of me. I was amazing just to watch her sit on someones cock and ride it till she cums all over it while looking at me. My buddy enjoyed her as well, he wasted no time pushing back her legs and pushing his cock deep in her!
    you guys just need to talk about it and make sure you are both good with it. then just let it happen, if a BBC gets his hands on your hot wife you are going to enjoy the site of his cock pumping in and out of her, and hearing her tell you that she is cumming on hus cock! She is very hot, I know if oyu asked me I would be all over her till she was cumming over and over!

  4. Hi Jon & Sarah,

    I am a SWM.
    Sarah definitely should be getting BBC. Keep showing her vids of other white women with BBC. She’ll see how much they crave it. I caution you that BBC will become part of her thoughts and yours as well. She needs to be always barebacked to get the black seed in her. She and you will need her to have it often. Wish I could watch and help clean her up. I’d like to see her get several bbc’s servicing her over a two day period. That will give her what she (and you) need. Think about what it would mean for the both of you and how good she will feel

  5. Hello,,after watching all those naughty interracial movies,,& converting those Sweet wive’s into Black cock sluts,,yea what HOT PUSSY,,,man up.

  6. its wow, your wife is so nice and worth feeding her a black cock. thats the least you can reward her with. make sure you choose right one as she is so beautiful and deserve good fuck

  7. We love fucking others and she really loves black cock. Would love to go bare back but way too risky without testing. We are looking for a group of black guys.She wants to do a gang bang.

  8. id say make a vid with her giving a bbc a bj to start out then do a her first bbc then set down check it out together ,if ya like it post it & you on your way,you will not have trouble finding a bbc for her she fine

  9. Did she ever get blacked yet? That is one fine looking Texas woman,,! I live in TX, my wife did blacks for over 35 years, believe me, once she goes black she will want more and more.

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