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My wife says

My wife says it would be the****utic for me to get our sessions out in the open .
She says, tell the story of the first time. Ok here it goes…..
We had a new neighbor move in and this girl was so fucking hot!! One day she told me the girl had admitted to wanting to fuck me. That made me even hotter for that ass but was I just supposed to ask for it? About a week later after work my wife got a text saying “ man swap? “ she said , I go over there and she comes over here. Well all I could think about was that incredible ass so I just said tell her yes .
They did the switch and this girl wasted no time taking me into the bedroom. She pulled off her shorts and said if you want it you gotta eat it! After being down there for awile I asked her why she had a black spade with a Q in it tattoo just above her pussy. She said Ill explain while you work that clit! When she explained I kinda freaked out and stopped. I texted my wife and said I need to talk to you!
This girl was giving me head when I heard my wife come in the door and upstairs to the bedroom. Problem was she wasent alone. There was this big ass black guy with her. She sat on the bed and said I want to show you something. She pulled his sweats down and right in front of me was the biggest cock id ever seen in my life!!

She looked at me and said are you down with this? I said why do you want it? And she said…….ohhhh yes! I said go ahead but that’s gonna hurt! The other girl said if your ok with all this I’m gonna leave. My wife looked at me and said send her home, so I did. On her way out she looked at me and said I really don’t think your prepared for whats gonna happen to your wife and her pussy.Then she looked at him and said , NO MERCY! This sent shivers down my spine!
My wife started stroking his cock and it was swelling! My wife is very talented at giving head. She can swallow my whole dick but he was hard she could only get the tip of his head in her mouth he was that fucking big! I didn’t see any way it was gonna even fit in her pussy but I was wrong. She took off her panties and they were absolutely soaked. She got on the bed and put that little ass in the air . making sure that I could see it all. When he got behind her what ensued was absolutely traumatizing! Some guys would need counseling to recover. Its almost impossible to describe but in all honesty, size and all this is what I saw close up and personal:
First doggy then on top then on her back and back to doggy!!
This bulls cock measures in at a little over 13" and forearm thick!!! ( she’s measured it)

She was always making very sure I had a clear view of the carnage. I was pretty proud of how much I could make her cum…….until this! He made her cum harder and more times than I do in a month!
This was just the beginning of it all. There are soooo many ultra-hardcore stories involving him and others.My wife says put this out there and if people like it you can write about the rest of them. She also said we should take suggestions on what she should do with him and most likely she will! :-O
So what do you think????
pics are cock size examples of the incident

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