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My wife takes bbc

My sexy wife gets her first black cock. She took him bareback as i watched and had a good wank. He fucked her for 3 hours and needless to say she wanted to meet him again. Of course i couldnt refuse, our wives deserve a real manmy wife takes bbcmy wife takes bbcmy wife takes bbcmy wife takes bbcmy wife takes bbc

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13 thoughts on “My wife takes bbc

  1. Thanks Arlon for posting these great pics of your sexy wife and her black bull. She looks very similar to my wife who I wish would be taken by a well hung black man just like your wife did. I hope that he stretched her honeyhole out for a week and that he filled that hole with a huge amount of his manseed. Finally I also completely agree with what ”h” said as a small dicked white hubby its totally natural for us inferior equipped men to want to see large thick black cocks in our white women making them moan like whores and reaching areas where we only can dream about.

  2. To Arlon, loved the photos, great to see that big black bull all over your meaty wife.. Also loved seeing him doing your wife in all those different positions Oh yeah make sure you get lots of photos the next time he breeds her.

    To H, yes it is and I think all wives between 30-50 need to be taken by a different superior blackman every year.

    To wishfulhubby, yes it is natural for us white husbands to want to see our wives go black. Also if that wife of yours does hook up with a bull you need to make sure you doing everything you are told by her black lover including sucking him to get hard or cleaning her messy creampied twat out.

    To bbcaaron, yes all cuck husbands should do everything they can to encourage and arrange having their white wives be whores and cumbuckets for your huge superior black cocks.

  3. We should be extremely grateful that superior Black Men are willing to bring so much pleasure to our white women. Pleasure that white women would never otherwise be able to experience.
    I’d like to thank all the Black Men who give such pleasure to white women with their large manhood. Please keep up the good work Gentleman. Thank You.

  4. of course its right for black men to take our white wives from us , and when they are black preg, they can then hand them back to us sissys to care for our lovelly preggy wives.

  5. hey arlon you must not let escape this huge black men because is a real man in bed , look at the size and his Muscular bodies every white wife dream to have a black lover like this ,ifyou love your wife you should financially support our wife black master and if he want to impregnante your wife you should feel honoured

  6. I agree with everything that was said. As whites, we want the black mans cum. It’s his right to cum in us and our honor and privilege to accept and receive it.

    When he delivers his black cum in us, his ego and self esteem gets a major boost, the white women becomes a real woman and the white boys feel more like a real man by receiving a real mans cum.

  7. My Korean wife has taken a young muscular Black God as her lover. I as a useless weaklimg white boi cannot begin to compete with him. He is many times stronger than I am and he is only 19!!!. I worship his Superior body. It is a privilege to clean his Superior cock

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