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Need some advice

This is my girlfriend, the other week we both went to a party, throughout the night i noticed she was very talkative and close to a black guy she works with, leaving me on my own for up to an hour!! i also noticed him looking over and her pretending to swap her crossed legs over but at the same time opening her legs with her short dress on and giving a smile to him. later on they both dissaperd for about half an hour, excuse was she went to a cash machine with him. she also told me into the party night "i have no panties on by the way" i couldnt belive what was happening!!! when i decided for us to go she kind of refused, wanting to stay at the hotel in her friends room or get a taxi back with this black guy, in the end she came with me, but firstly desperate to find this guy before we went. we got home and in bed, after a while i asked her if would fuck this guy, her reaction suprised me, kind of a no but yes sort of answer. i sent her a message saying that i wouldnt mind and that it would turn me on more than anything i said, but again i still think she would do it, at one point i walked into the party room and she was stood in contact with him at the bar and gave me a sort of look as if to say "im fucking him and you have no idea" or " i would love to take his big black cock with you watching" it makes me wonder if she has fucked him, but guys, need some advice on how or what to do to have her fucking him with me right there, and do you think she has let him fuck her???need some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some adviceneed some advice

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13 thoughts on “Need some advice

  1. It’s great that the bull isn’t wearing a condom.
    Hopefully he’ll get that welfare juice inside her deep enough
    to get her pregant – so in 9 months she’ll have a beautiful black
    and white surprise!

  2. Lmao…fuck yeah she’s given that pussy up to him…she’s probably sucked him off after work and kissed ya afterward…this bitch is Black owned and it’s just a matter of time before she fucks him in front of ya and truly lets you know your place…

  3. Okay, dude, here’s the thing. Your girlfriend is such a fine looker that her black boyfriend is gonna take her around to show her off to all his friends. After she’s used to being fucked by him in front of all those other guys, she’ll have no objection to lettting you watch, too. Once women lose their inhibitions, they become shameless. You’ll have the sex show actress you want.

  4. I’m sure he at least used her mouth when she slipped away for half hour…trust me when I tell ya that slut had a Black load in her stomach as she lay in bed with you that night .

  5. Do what I did make sure understanding and respect. Have fun with it. Enjoy! But clear understanding on base or foundation of your relationship. My wife has had several already. They have big cocks and cool to hang wi th. But your foundation has to be strong. Then enjoy the voodoo. We love it

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