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7 thoughts on “Needing more

  1. She is perfect for that and reminds me of the best IR vid I ever seen. $ black dudes are watching a game on tv and one says he heard the black guy that owned the house had a white wife toy.

    He said yep, want me to call her over here. They said hell yeah so he calls and within about 20 minutes she knocks on the door. He says come on in and he tells his buddies to watch this shit.

    She resembles this gal. Then he says to her alright bitch, you know the routine. She strips completely naked, lays on her back in the floor and spreads her legs as wide as she can in front of the 4 black dudes.

    She just laid there spread wide open. He ask her if she ever did this for the white boys and she said never. I don’t let them see me naked. It was great. I wish I could find that vid again.

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