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10 thoughts on “Nice blond rides black shaft

  1. Whyy bother with paying for a motel room. I would let him use my wife in our bed, and stay as long as he wants. He could even bring a few of the bruvvers along to use her. The money saved would pay for him to get her to buy what ever sexy clothes he wants her to wear.

  2. I fully agree honkey, have the bruthers fuck my slut so I can sleep in the same cum soaked sheets with the dirty whore!

  3. Heck, when i fuck somone’s wife, i not only do it in her wedding bed, i use her husband’s shaver and expensive aftershave, if I chose to stay overnight.

  4. My wife and me have been enjoying going out has been hot got us. She likes me to drop her off at the black clubs and me come in a couple of hours later. And when I do its hot. To see her dancing with a black stud or making out with him. Then we usually go back to the room with him and she makes me watch. It makes me horny seeing a black man fuck her and i mean fuck her good, especially anal, she doesn’t let me get that she says thats their treat when ever she meets a black man!!

  5. She looks good with a black dick in her. I love the pic of him using her hair as a handle to guide her head back and forth as he makes her mouth a pussy and fucks it good to get lubed up for the real fucking to start when he takes that white pussy and makes it his.

  6. I agree on grabbing the hair. For me, the excitement is seeing the black man take control to get what he wants. This white boi knows that he deserves all the white pussy he can get because he is so powerful in the bedroom. White women know it too which is why they give in so easily and quickly.

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