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7 thoughts on “Nina for Blackguys

  1. hi nina,
    for several times up 2 now we´ve tried to come together for a reality check wether we both match for productions or not – seeing you here – in a great video, i feel honored that you contacted me again these days – nina you´re an great actress – and one of the most sexiest milf i know for now! let´s meet and try it out, cherie, yours sergio

  2. Hi Nina.
    I would love to meet you and give you a good seeing to with my big black cock i am from the uk would the fun be at your place or in a hotel in the uk with me …As i cannot accomandate my name andy 5ft 10inches tall and super fit with a large tool ..You are a sexy lady and i would love to meet you i will email you and see how it goes babe all the best for 2012 and see you soon andy xxx

  3. Sei gegruesst Nina. Dein blick und Gesichet erinnert mich an Sabine Sauer in ihre beste Jahren (kompliment). Du siehst einfach unglaublich, Artistisch,sportlich, Geschmackvoll und Willensstark. so wie du stehsts wuerde ich gerne fuer dich strippen and als letzte vor deine Augen den BBC (im 1 stand) aufzeigen. ……schaue dein mail ..XXX Aldo a BBC in London

  4. My Sons have just become teens and it a whole new ball game! I have a few concerns.. . Why is adult content allowed to be promoted on self broadcast websites. . As a Parent I find even with Web safety soft wear promotion cant be prevented because the promotion is in the form of messages and commercials without nudity. It’s driving me crazy and making me paranoid because when they get the message who knows where they follow up on it! . . I don’t want to be over baring DAD but what do I do? It’s spring break and they expect to run wild while I’m at Work! . . Especially now days when girls have practically gone wild and even aspire to be in inappropriate entertainment. I have two teen sons and I’m worried that my values wont be honored.. I’m surprised everybody hasn’t flocked to give me advise. Has everyone given in?.

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