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13 thoughts on “Obvious advantages of black shafts

  1. White chicks finally wised up and deciided to go for the biggest and best !
    Too bad all us white guys can only watch and jerk-off – and wish we were Black so we could get some action and have the white ladies service us!
    Please post the pictures – so we can at least watch and fantise!

  2. When I watch porn I have to see the big black cock. Those dudes make all women moan and groan. Who wouldn’t want a cock where the women has to use two hands to grab it. All women can deep throat us white dudes, but deep throating a bbc is next to impossible. Sit back and get hard and blow a wad. Those bbc are great!

  3. On behalf of all whites, I’d like to thank all you Black Men for bringing so much pleasure to white women everywhre!
    Especially since we white guys are incapable of doing so.
    Thank You – and please continue your benevolent work and generous work of satisfying white women.

  4. anyone can see how white women love becoming sluts for bbc its how duty to let our wives sample this joy

  5. I. Love this site, I would like to meet white women looking for healthy black cock, I’m in the Middletown area of NYC. Send me a shout if you’re interested

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