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10 thoughts on “Old German White Loves Young Black dick only

  1. German women take and appreciate black cocks with great respect. And swallow with that German gutteral throat sound. This one looks alittle skinny, though. Needs much black spunk for nurishment.

  2. I am a 52 year old married mother of 3 grown sons. I love having sex with young black men. many of my lovers are younger then my youngest son. i love young black cock.

  3. This German lady is one beautiful sexy woman. Her young black guys are the luckiest dudes in the world to be able to benefit from her sexual experience and skills. I’m white, but I wish I’d been picked up by someone like her for sex when I was…like, seven! That’s when I remember I started getting erections, but didn’t know what to do with them. She would’ve understood immediately that I needed to be sucked off. I could’ve gone on immediately to fucking her, too. And in addition to that, I’m sure she could’ve introduced me to eating her pussy. I’d played with girls my age and they’d shown me their hairless little twats. My first sight of a grown woman’s hairy cunt might’ve stunned me at first, but the sex magnetism would’ve drawn me to her, and she would’ve found me a willing pupil for sucking her pussy. Ach, du meine liebe!

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