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Omg he streched her

We wnet to Alabama to see if this bbc was forreal. Well after $600 in ticket i figured atleast we would just get a trip out of it. But Themn he walk in.A very clean cut nice black man. She was quickly turn on with him befor his educated self began to speak and it was on from there. he was very soft to the point that i had to tell him to fuck the shit out of her. I didn’t know that it was he firdt time with couple but, he did what i went alabama to do. he fuck her about 5-6 time i know she cum so much and squirted everywhere that they really did need the ky jelly because he kept that cock on her. Well when we got back she did soak for awhile but with a big smile on her face. brad and tracy03 yahoo ans micheal is a very great gentelman he did make her feel very slutty and special at the same time.michealsteven1973 i wonder if he can do your wife the same keep intouch.let us knowOmg he streched her

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7 thoughts on “Omg he streched her

  1. Hello micheal do you ever get to Greenville south Carolina? I would like to watch someone with a big dick pound my wifes pussy for hours

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