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Interracial sex story: Wild Girls and soldiers on tropical island.

I smiled as I looked at the sexy blonde, sitting on the couch, no clothes on, a smile on her face. Her two, small titties were the size of tangerines, with dark brown nipples, stiff and ready to be sucked and pulled on. Her tanned skin looked inviting, as she spread her legs, saying “Come on Unca Charlie, when we starting?” I chuckled, “Not until your momma get here, child. And the other men.” She sighed, saying with an impatient voice, “But I want to get started.” “You’ve all the time in the world, Nancy. If you’re like your mother, you’ve at least twenty-four years ahead of you to make babies.”

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I took a seat in a chair of the room. One of the many rooms of the former five-star resort located on this warm, tropical Caribbean Island. I started thinking back, to when this all took place. It’s been ten years since this started. Eight since Miss Tessie and the girls arrived. Us and the guys were working on building a defense post, the only inhabitants on the island at the time. All others were taken off years ago. It was the summer of that year, when Miss Tessie’s husband, Pete Thompson, landed his Cessna here.
Dropping his family off, and saying he was going back for more people. That was the last we saw of him.
Miss Tessie had no idea why Pete brought them here. Other than the fact that the war was destroying America, as well as the rest of the world, as well. But here they were, a thirty-three year-old blonde beauty with grapefruit size titties, white as can be, with seven daughters. Wendy’s the oldest, followed by Kelly, Sue, Pam, Margo, Beth, and Nancy. Eight females, alone with a hundred and sixty men.
We had heard of America being invaded. And it wasn’t six days after the arrival of the women, that we sighted ships approaching. They wouldn’t communicate with us, they just started shelling us with canon fire from the decks of old freighters. We had no idea who they were, as we sought shelter up on the hill. We were well armed, including Miss Tessie and her girls, as we hunkered down. After three days of shelling, the landing boats approached. We by now had lost thirty men.
We had mined the harbor the year before, as well as the beaches. The roads were booby-trapped as well. But we knew it wouldn’t stop such a big force, as we saw hundreds of men coming ashore. The fighting was intense that first day, I was holed up with twenty men and two of Miss Tessie’s daughters, Nancy and Sue. But our ammo was running low, and we were cut off from the others. And that night, we were almost overrun, as I saw my comrades fall one by one. I almost fell as well, but little Nancy fired off two rounds into the chest of someone about to take me out from behind.
Then, later that night it happened. The winds came first. Out of the west. At mornings light, I could see out onto the sea that the ships were having trouble pointing into the wind. Looking at the clouds, I knew what it was. A full blown hurricane. Our enemy tried digging in. When the storm hit, I had five men and the two girls with me. All of us wounded, me with a knife wound to my shoulder. The girls with shrapnel wounds to their legs. The sky grew dark as we laid in that bunker, and when that storm hit, I thought it would take us all. It lasted all that day, that night, and on into the next day as well. We never did see the eye, but I’m sure we bore the brunt of it’s main force from the wall of the eye.
The third day, I emerged from the bunker. The island was devastated. More from the hurricane than from the fighting. The enemy was gone, washed out to sea. And there was wreckage from the ships washed ashore, with hundreds of corpses. But, we were alive. The eight females, and forty-seven of the men and I. Alive, but with nothing. Very little food, little clothing, and lots of stench from the dead, decaying bodies.
But Miss Tessie took charge. She started having us men get rid of the bodies, by burning them. Hundreds of bodies. It took a week to get them all. And we foraged for food. Some of the men fished. Some gathered what fruit that they could find. And some started getting areas ready to grow food as well. There were wild pigs on the island, and we herded them up, to control them better.
After three weeks, we had the resort cleaned up. We had scavenged enough materials to patch things up, and we even found solar panels to get electric. Water was no problem, as there was a natural spring nearby which pumped out over two-hundred gallons a minute.
But the men were restless. Eight females in their presence, and all of us guys horny as hell. Before their arrival, we hadn’t seen any women in two years. But Miss Tessie knew this. And Miss Tessie had an answer. We were on here as a work force. All of us had different skills. We had a doctor, two in fact, and we had electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and of course all of us were soldiers.
She came to me, and Larry, one day. I’ll never forget it. Her skin now tanned, her pretty smiling face, as she said “Charlie, Larry, we have a problem.”
With that, we went into her room at the resort, and we talked. She knew that Pete was probably never coming back. She also knew that the men were looking at her and the girls with lust in their eyes. So, she made a deal. Her oldest and herself, would be made available for the sexual release of the men. We could use them as our sex toys. Wendy was just over sixteen, and like all the girls, a spitting image of her mother. I think Miss Tessie knew that there would be no other course of action, other than the taking of her
and the girls by force. So, she wanted to do this. And, she said that once a girl turns sixteen, she would be made available for our carnal desires.
There were rules, of course. The first year, no man could get any more than once a week. After all, we didn’t want to wear the two women out the first year. However, after some time, the younger girls were allowed to perform oral duty. Each of the girls were allowed to perform a maximum of four blowjobs a day. So for a week, that would be twenty-eight for each girl. Us guys were never able to use the full allotment.
The first time I had Miss Tessie. I had her for an hour, as I enjoyed the feeling of my ebony shaft probing her womb. I pumped three loads into her womb, three loads that I had waited two years to get rid of. And after my hour was done, she had Kelly and Sue clean my sticky pecker off with their mouths.
The first child was born nine months after the first week of our new sexual freedom. Wendy gave birth to a girl, which she named Sarah. Her mother produced Monica the following month. Three months later, we had Miss Tessie’s second daughter Kelly knocked up. Of course, as with Miss Tessie and Wendy, we had no idea who the father was. That’s when Miss Tessie came up with this plan. For the girls, when they come of age, they would be bred by a small group of men, three at most. One would be picked by the girl, and the other two would be chosen by random.
She also decided that to make it fair, each subsequent breeding after the first one, there would be a rotation of three men involved. So, we all get a chance at knocking up a girl. Of course, us forty-seven men weren’t to complain. After eight years, we had sired twenty-four children, seventeen of them girls, and four of the seven breeding daughters are currently pregnant, and so is Miss Tessie. We’re working on the other three.
So here I am, sitting and trying not to drool to much, as little Nancy sits on the edge of the bed, her long, spindly legs spread wide, showing me her pink,  sweet wet pussy . She was grinning at me, as I stroked my big black cock. I was a little apprehensive, as she was like a child to me. After all, I took her fishing whenever I could, showed her how to use carpentry tools, and how to shoot a rifle properly. She has always been an apt learner, and I smiled, as Miss Tessie came into the room, followed by Jerry and Clyde. Jerry’s one of our two doctors, white, about five-six, and barely one-hundred and fifty pounds. He was stroking his seven-inch tool, smiling as he took a seat next to me. His fat cock looked rather large next to his slight frame.
Clyde is as black as I, an inch shorter then me at six-four, and probably just as heavy, his frame nearly identical at two-hundred and sixty pounds. And his hard cock is just as large at nine-inches long, but not as thick as mine. Yeah, little Nancy is going to be knocked up good this night, that’s for sure. Each of us guys have done without for two weeks, so our nuts are loaded with some prime breeding sperm, ready to impregnate her tiny, and hopefully very fertile egg in her womb. I smiled, thinking about how nice her little tits will be as they expand while producing her mothers milk.
Miss Tessie went to her youngest daughter, and asked “You ready?” Nancy grinned, and shook her head yes. Miss Tessie turned my way, and smiled, saying “Come on and get her ready, Charles. She wants you first.”
I chuckled, as I stood and walked over to the little blonde. She pushed herself back onto the bed, and then reached down and pulled her knees to her chest. My cock was already leaking pre-cum, as I knelt down and placed the palm of my hands on the back of her thighs. She sighed as she watched me start to tongue her slit, her small very wet pussy lips parting as I tasted her sweet cunt. Soon she was bucking her hips, as I jabbed a pair of fingers into her tight cunt. When she came, her skinny body went rigid before an ear-splitting scream rolled out of her wide open mouth.
I didn’t give her a chance to recover, as I was up quickly, my hard cock lunging into her cunt. Her closed eyes jerked open wide, as her head lifted up, while a loud grunt came from her mouth as I sank my root into her, knocking the air out of her lungs. She cried out hoarsely, “Oh god.”
Automatically, my pecker was pumping in and out of her tight cunt, and looking down to where we were joined, the tight pink walls of her cunt were being pulled inside out each time my meat withdrew from her body. My black cock was shiny from her juices, and I could feel my nuts tightening up, for it was so erotic to know that I may be putting a new life into her. My black hands clutched her little tits, as I could feel my cum rise for the quick journey to her fertile egg. I groaned when my log erupted, bathing her womb
with my spunk.
I relaxed, catching my breath, as I pulled my cock out of her, and I lowered my face to hers, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. Her eyes were closed again, and she purred with contentment, saying “Thanks Unca Charles.”
I chuckled, and moved out of the way for a waiting Jerry, who was all smiles as he tugged his own meat with his hand, before burying it into the girl, causing her to writhe with delight of getting her cunt stuffed once again. Miss Tessie came over and took my cock in her mouth, sucking me clean, and keeping me hard for another go, while Jerry and then Clyde took their turns between her daughter’s tanned teen’s thighs. As like I, neither lasted long the first round. Her tight cunt got the three of us off quickly.
As I approached to begin round two, she looked up and smiled, then rolled over and got on her knees. She lowered her face onto the back of the couch, and wiggled her small, round ass at me, inviting me in. I just grinned, first rubbing my cock along her slit, and then slipping my tool in. With my hands on her waist, I started fucking her cunt, feeling her tight vaginal walls acting as a vacuum, trying to suck a load out of my cock. Yeah, she sure do feel good. I was all smiles, as I leaned my head back and closed my
eyes, enjoying the feeling of her tight body. I was thinking that I could go on forever, and I was really wanting too. But, Miss Tessie, she had other ideas. I felt her body behind me, as she hugged my torso, pressing her bare, milk filled boobies into my back. Her left hand was on my chest, while her right was down cupping my big, black balls, as she said sternly, “Come on Charles, you’ll have plenty of time to fuck her tight cunt for hours.”
I chuckled, as I started pumping little Nancy’s tight hole a bit harder, feeling Miss Tessie’s fingers press into the base of my nut sack, causing me to groan, as I blasted my load into the fertile womb. Nancy moaned out, her body shuddering, as she had another orgasm. I sighed, resting for a second, as I stepped back, my black post popping out of her pink cunt, a strand of our combined cum falling out of her leaking pussy. I took a seat, and watched, as Jerry got up to the waiting woman, hard and ready to add his load. It
went on like this for another three hours, with each of us guys popping off a total of six baby-making loads into her fertile body.
When it was over, and none of us guys could get it up anymore, I lifted the worn out Nancy up into my arms, and carried her into a bathroom, where I held her under the shower, washing her clean. After drying her off, I carried her to her bedroom, where I laid her down, and joined her there. She sighed, rubbing her tiny titties, and smiling at me, she said “I sure hope it’s your sperm that makes my baby grow, Uncie Chuck.”
I chuckled, as I put my left arm underneath her head, and pulled her small body to mine, saying “We’ll see Nancy.”
Her delicate little hand went to my soft cock, and she said “Well, if not this time, most definitely next time.”
I just chuckled again, and with a big smile on my face, I was thinking that I was looking forward to it.

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