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5 thoughts on “Only black guys make me cum hard

  1. I feel your pain ANITA,I only can be satisfied and have many orgasm’s when having sex with BBC,its so hot have those big black cocks in your hand,mouth,cunt and occasionally in my ass,I cum just by looking down and see that black meat split my lips apart and enter my married white cunt,feeling that cock against my uteres and have him ram his meat even deeper in my wet cunt,lucky my husband loves to watch.
    Lady’s have the best of both worlds,a successfull white guy for a good finaciall independent life and black BC black guys for all your sexsuall needs,works for us .

  2. Yeah, having a multi-orgasmic white girlfriend like mine is a trip. She can have a dozen orgasms with just one guy if he has enough stamina to keep fucking her long enough. Ususally she prefers 2 or more men to take turns on her. But for an avalanche of orgasms, nothing beats her having a hot black girl’s legs locked around her head, while a series of men are pumping cock into her crazed pussy.

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