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Oral Cravings

Julia loved sucking big black cock. It didn’t matter if the dick in question was large, small, thick or thin. The only thing it needed to be was hard – and then, preferably in her mouth.

Fellatio, she had decided years ago, was so much better than sexual intercourse. It was more intimate and the power she yielded made her own climaxes more rewarding. And yes, Julia could orgasm just from sucking a black cock.

She loved running her soft tongue up and down a man’s length, teasing him with her wet mouth and moist tongue. As if her were an ice-cream cone, she would use her talented tongue to circle the head of his cock, paying special attention to its sensitive underside.Oral Cravings

Then, in long languish movements, she would run her lips and tongue down to the base of his prick and back up again. Finally, when he was rigid from all her teasing, she would part her wet lips and take him inside her hot mouth. There, she would continue to bathe his cock while her tongue continued its dance.

Julia would find a rhythmic tempo to further stimulate him while her lips would run over his thick flesh. Her small hands would fondle and lightly play with his balls while her head maintained its constant
bobbing action.

The want to feel man-meat down her throat strong, Julia would tilt her head back and begin to suck his cock deep into her mouth. With each thrust, he would pass her gag reflex and slide down the warm and squeezing confines of her throat. The warm flow of saliva would drip down her chin as he went further still with each new stroke.

She would feel his cock pulse and want to make it last so she would release him from her mouth and bend so that here wet-coated lips were upon his ball sac. With her tongue, she would once again lick them thoroughly before slipping them into her wide open mouth. There she’d suck them gently while her tongue continued to flick teasingly at them.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this stimulation, Julia would take his cock in her mouth and begin to jerk his throbbing pole. Soon, gobs of hot creamy cum would shoot into her greedy mouth. She’d swallow and swallow with each new blast, determined not to miss a single drop of the pearly seed she craved.

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10 thoughts on “Oral Cravings

  1. Aahh, excuse me! May we have more pic please? She looks nice and thick, wanna see Dick in her! Thanks.

  2. Master, that’s a beautiful photo you’ve taken of such a hot and sexy slave as she obediently works to please you.

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