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Our cuckold contract

My Mistress and I spent over a month writing our contract. We used some of these as the base, and we added a lot ourselves. Cuckolding is not the “main focus” of our relationship or our contract, but here’s what we put into the contract that has a cuckolding “flavor” to it.

John may have platonic friendships of either gender. John may not seek any additional play partners, Mistresses or lovers or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without Susan’s express permission. John may not go to clubs or parties without Susan’s permission. Susan may relate to others in any way she likes, without restriction, including, but not limited to: accepting other sexual or play partners, developing close or intimate friendships or long- term relationships, and playing with others at clubs or parties. Susan will consider John’s emotional responses to such circumstances, and will provide needed emotional support, while also helping John to grow and accept such circumstances gracefully.
While in Susan’s company, John agrees that: His body belongs to her, to be used as she sees fit. He further agrees that Susan possesses the unconditional right to allow others to use his body as well, and to dictate what use they may put it to. Susan agrees to consult with Janice, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits. Susan will NOT be obligated to discuss such decisions with John, and John agrees never to object in any way to being used in this way. He renounces all rights to his own sexual pleasure, comfort, and gratification, except as permitted by Susan or Janice. (This rule is actually in effect twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and NOT just while in Susan’s company.) He is strictly forbidden to masturbate, have orgasms, or even touch himself (i.e. his genitals or ass) for the purposes of his own pleasure, without Susan’s or Janice’s permission. (This rule is actually in effect twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and NOT just while in Susan’s company.)

Susan is my Mistress, Janice is my wife. Janice does not have sex with me at all – doesn’t let me touch her, and rarely lets me even see her naked. She has sex with a number of men, including Susan’s husband. But none of the men are bulls, nor do they act like them. I hesitate to call myself a cuckold, since i have TWO wonderful women in my life, unlike most cuckolds. But there are a lot of cuckold elements to my D/s relationship. Hope that helps.

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5 thoughts on “Our cuckold contract

  1. Sounds like an excellent agreement for everyone –
    especially for the women – as it should be.
    A few BBC bulls for the lovely ladies would add to
    the situation nicely.

  2. I too used to have my small white cock in a cage and my wife controlled our sex life. I had no say in the matter of whom her sex partners were, they were all Balcks both men and women. I have recently been castrated. Thats right my testicles have been cut off. It was by a Black female doctor. I found out sshe has castrated many white men. This was the best thing to have happned as I don’t get urges or pent up emotions. I except my place as a neutered man. My wife has started to breed with Blacks as she is now 4 months pregant.

    1. My Black lover and i have discussed castrating my husband. I have agreed that it will be the best thing for our marrage and my relationships with Black men. My husband was told that this will happen and he has no say in the matter. I have met other white women who have had their husbands, boy friends and even one her brothr castrated. These were all done by Black doctors. All white men should be castrated

  3. That contract covers most everything and seems to be in order. It gives the females full sexual freedoms which is very important. Plus it restricts the male from any sexual contact which is also important.

    It requires the male to request and then receive permissions from the females for most everything which is a must with no permissions needed for the females at all. If the male goes out then it is important that he return home at the specified time set by the female and then he should voluntarily report all activities and with whom he seen while out, to the female and answer any questions truthfully that she may be curious about.

    No discussions will be tolerated upon the females return home from her days and nights out. Those are her secrets and the male should never ask her about them. If she feels he needs to know then she will inform him of such.

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