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Our story: Wife Home Massage True Story

The wife and I have been married for a long time and I have had a fantasy to swing or share her but she would never do it. When she would get drunk she would talk about it and always said if she ever cheated she would want to do it with a black guy and I ask why. She had a friend who had been with a hung black guy and she told my wife that a black cock was so thick and long that they didn’t get like rock hard like a white guy and that with it not being so rock hard it didn’t hurt but would fill her pussy up and other than the hurting a little because of going so far up in her she had orgasms like crazy. She said her husband was only 6” but he hurt because he was so rock hard and she never came. My wife said the same about me even though I am only 5″.

So with that said I ask the wife if I set up a date night for us and got a hotel room would she be open to a massage in the room. She said yes she would and we have had several massages and she isn’t against being naked when being massaged but nothing ever got to a sexy sensual massage. I did the date night and found a guy on Craigslist talked to him several times and met with him. He was a very well built black guy about 28 years old and was willing to act like he was approved for the hotel we had as an outsourced party. We left our house on our date night went shopping and had a late lunch then had a few drinks at the hotel bar then went up to the room about 6:30 as he was coming at 7:00pm. She was nervous but the wine took that off after she had a couple more in the room. He got there right on time and once in the room he told her to take a very hot shower for about 5 minuets to get her muscles relaxed as he put the table up and then come out and lay on the table face down. To my surprise she came out in a small towel barley covering her and laid on the table. He and I had an agreement if she got real horny and made any moves or actions toward sex he could be my guest but if not then massage only but he could go as far as she would let him on the massage. He massaged every inch of her body and even massaged her pussy lips without entering his fingers in her and after an hour and a half he decided to not risk anything hoping to get to do it again he stopped and she told him it was the best massage she had ever had. We had a plan so after she said that he said that he had to complete so many hours of hands on sensual and tantric massages to have his license updated if he did them for free would she allow him to come to our home and get his 100 hours.

She looked at me and I said I think that’s a great deal massages for free. He said to her I just massaged every inch of you and you seemed relaxed and she said yes you made me feel secure and safe. He then said well how about it? She agreed to it. This was our plan and it worked out just like we hoped. I walked him out and he said wow your wife is unreal sexy and I still can’t believe she is 50. He said no disrespect but she looks like she could be your daughter. I said she works out and just has a great skin and a beautiful face not to mention 36DD 25 35 body blonde hair brown eyes 5′ 5″ 118 lbs. I told him lets talk tomorrow so she wouldn’t get suspicious I better get back to the room. I went back into the room and she admitted that it was the best present I ever bought her. She then said his hands were so big and I have to say his cock rubbed against my arms and his shorts were like silk because she could feel how big it was and it even came across her hand and she could feel how thick it was and said out of reflex she closed her hand around it and told him sorry and he said he was sorry it happens a lot when he leans in and said no apology needed. She told me she came twice and then admitted this could be dangerous him coming to our house and I said how? She said he is about the best looking and best built man she has ever seen and then said he also is 22 years younger with a huge smile. I said honey your drunk and horny and I dove between her legs and started eating her and I have never seen her that freaking wet and she said she hasn’t ever been that horny in her life. It was my fantasy almost come true but with our plan he and I had hopefully it would come true soon. She was a virgin when we married and has never had sex with another guy.

He and I talked and I had him call her and they set up the next day for the first session. He came to our house about 7:00 pm the next night and told her that the massage would be a little more intense than the last one and she would most likely release a lot of stress and or have orgasms. She turned red and hesitated but he quickly said don’t worry about it that he would treat her like she was a part of his job and if she liked she could wear a mask over her eyes and he handed it to her. I had bought it and gave to him and that was a part of our plan as well. She said that would probably be good for her to wear it so she would be more comfortable. He ask her to take a hot shower again and do the same as she did at the hotel. I bought a table and had it set up up stairs on our loft and they both went up stairs and after two hours he came down and said this is really getting to be fun and your wife is amazing. After he left I went up stairs and she was laying on the table naked and said I am more relaxed than I have ever been. She said I came at least 3 or 4 times and I have to say he is a really nice guy and I feel like I have known him forever. I said the massage was that good and she said unreal and I can’t believe I am letting a stranger massage my pussy but it is so good I almost fell off the table.

Long story short I was out of town on business and came home on a Saturday morning about 7:00 am and she was up laying in our bed naked and looked at me and said I have something to tell you. I already knew but acted like I knew nothing and said what is it. She said Mike just left about 10 minuets before you got here. I said why so early and she said he came over as you knew last night around 8:00 to massage me and I said yes I know that and she said well I had sex with him and she started to cry and I said why are you crying and she said I thought you would be mad and I said honey you just made my day and smiled. She said that they started at 9:00 after a bottle of wine for at least an hour and then at 11:00. 1:30 and 4:00. She said I came so much that I am so tired and sore but hope you don’t get mad the sex was like nothing I could have dreamed. It took him at least an hour to be able to put all of him inside me honey he is at least twice your length and almost as thick as this coke bottle. I knew he was 9 1/2″ long and 7 1/2″ thick.
He serviced her at least once a week for 9 months and since had to move to Chicago and she has reverted back to no sex drive and is now saying she doesn’t want any more massages. With that being said I am now looking for a guy to play the role at a hotel one night when I set up a date night for us again. She has agreed to the date night and I know once a get a few drinks in her she would be open to a massage in our room and hopefully this time she will have sex too. I am hunting for a good looking 25 to 35 year old black guy who is built and hung but mostly thick cock. I need you to be very personal and be able to get her relaxed and feeling safe around you once in the room. If you agree to this I am not promising anything but the massage and at least you will get to massage every inch. The only place you or anyone including me can touch is her ass hole. She doesn’t go there and please don’t try. I think if we can get to the massage and you work her right and I even think about half way through the massage you can slowly take your clothes off and let her feel your huge cock against her and she will I believe go for it. I have been married to her for many years and know her like a book.

Follow my lead and I think this will be done. If she likes your looks and body then you are almost a for sure deal and if so then you are welcome to come to our house and service her all you want as long as she is good and I will tell you I will not be involved or watch but would love to watch every once in a while so I can video and take pictures. But if she doesn’t wNt me there then you have her to yourself to enjoy. If interested this could be a long term relationship for you both with benefits. I know there is work to get there but if you are willing it will be worth the ride. My email is
Thank you,

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20 thoughts on “Our story: Wife Home Massage True Story

  1. My 51 yr old wife did almost the same thing. Her first massage was 3 yrs ago and she was with me only before that 28 yrs.
    She a squirt one and guy loved it . She came 7 times in 2 hrs.

    Dallas Tx

  2. I have arranged for my wife, 56, to have her first erotic massage. We have met with the masseuse, 38 yr old black man. He did very well putting my wife at ease; as this is the first time she has agreed to this. This happens in a few days. IF you are interested, we can discuss how it went. Chicago, IL

  3. Loved the story. My wife tells me the same..dont mind the erotic massage and oral but no sex. We are very happily married for a very long time and i would love her to expetience a different cock!

    Love to receive advice how best that my wife can be sefuced and agree to go further. In a m/f couple would be fantastic, as my eife loves the touch of a lady.

    Love to hear from anyone.


  4. My wife is agree for this type of massage but where this can be arranged is difficult to know,
    Any service in india???

  5. Anyone interested in sexual experience with my wife she is 47 years old good lucking. We live in Reno Nevada . Just send me email and let’s talk about it.

  6. Love your stories and your straight forward about your counter with giving your wife a good massage

  7. Author: Gromoverjets
    She kissed her cheek and slipped out of her hands like an eel. Only the door lock clicked.
    That’s so crap! The duty officer, it turns out, is Luda’s mother.
    “Are you sure this is the same massage?” he asked incredulously.
    Do not misunderstand me. I do this only for the health of my son. I don’t want Pasha to get used to solving his sexual problems only with his mother. This is unacceptable, he must have other women. I would be very glad if you, Verochka, were involved in this process. You are so sexy.
    I took her in my arms and put her on the table between the shelves, showering her with endless kisses and studying every depression on her young body. Goosebumps ran in the places of the kiss, I sank lower, kissing the pubis through the shorts. Feeling the incredible heat and moisture, the head began to spin. I took off her shorts and spread her legs. In front of me was a oozing clean-shaven pussy, with a nasty smell that only young girls have. I began to carefully lick off the excess lube, sucking on the clitoris. I heard through the noise of the wheels, her quiet moans, her hand pressed me tighter, asking for more and more. After a few minutes, she began to squirm and I stopped abruptly. Returning to her chest, I immediately pulled off my pants and touched a member of the entrance to her crotch. Lifting the girl by the neck and kissing her, my penis easily entered to the full depth. Nastya screamed and I felt the muscles of her vagina pulsating envelop my penis, she finished, the lubricant stood out in large quantities, from which a puddle formed on the table. I began to slowly and rhythmically fuck this beautiful baby, our tongues intertwined into one. The narrow pussy, moving tightly along the shaft of the penis, did not give a chance for prolonged sex. A few minutes later, Nastya grabbed my back and moaned sweetly, feeling the familiar pulsations, I exploded, I filled her uterus with endless waves of sperm. Her legs trembled, she looked into my eyes, which read love and gratitude.
    – What will they splash my girl with? ..
    The head entered the girl’s throat, and she choked in surprise.
    I want to suck you off – she said, removing her hand from her ass and going down to her knees in front of him. First she took off her bra, then began to work on his fly, he sat up and leaned on his elbows. He watched as a hot brunette, topless, was striving for his cock. He helped her pull off his pants and shorts. His thick member of 18 centimeters was in front of her face. First, she ran her tongue from the base to the head, she knew that he loved it very much. She first licked his cock until he pulled her by the hair and impaled her cock with his mouth. She continued to suck, sometimes holding the head in her mouth and stroking the base, sometimes swallowing as much as she could. He took her by the hair and began to fuck in the mouth, speeding up. When she began to vomit, he removed her head from the penis, allowing her to inhale a couple of times, and then continued to fuck her throat.

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