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Own submissions

Hi Taylor here after my husband submiting the last lot of pics. i thought i must take over the submissions my story as i recall went to party had my first black cock. But as some of these pics say i went bareback with out husband knowing and thats when i new thats what i wanted. as his non coved cock pushed in the difference was so good, the black seed splashed deep inside me i just lay on top his black seed oozing out of me . thanks to a friend taking some extra photos for me. ( suprise husband ) sill looking for a black master to own me. no white cock for me now, need that black seed to flush out any remains of white cock jazz. so my pussy can be stretch and used by my master, hope these pics make for some interesting replys. For the right person if this pussy interests you its yours to take and train make me come hard on your long hard cock is there any thing better pussy is waitingown submissionsown submissionsown submissionsown submissionsown submissions

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8 thoughts on “Own submissions

    1. good to see some one knows how it feels to have that seed shoot deep inside at the moment of climax alife changing moment it was for me hi guys talk back to me

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