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10 thoughts on “Passionate sex with new black lover

  1. It’s nice to see that white woman are finally being satisfied – even if it means we white guys aren’t getting anything anymore.
    It’s now time for Black Men and white women to enjoy each other – and we white guys can only watch – if they’ll let us.
    Enjoy each other – but please let us watch – thank you.

    1. LOL I was thinking the same thing…I guess if you have a log for a cock and it sticks out farther than your belly, it don’t matter!

  2. The white women in these photos are so lucky. I hope they know how honored they should by to be with these black bulls who have real sized cocks.

  3. In the last picture she is in the perfect position for maximum penetration and a thorough fucking and insemination. The woman is no amateur with BBC

  4. You white guys can always go to the Boston Medical Group and with $10,000 you can have your cocks enlarged. But it won’t matter if you know absolutely nothing about body ryhthm and loving what a woman wants. I’m stroking 4 different white women and loving every minute of it. Oh the joys of being thick, long, and hard, and being black!!!!!

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