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32 thoughts on “Philly hung guy

  1. you will attract lots of white couples with that and you are fully appreciated. You deserve access to the white wife and white daughters to explore you.

      1. We are across the big pond,U.K.-we will have to take a trip to the U.S. of bbc. one day,check out her pics on here-july 2010-hot wife for bbc bulls to look at & comment on.

  2. This is your access to all the white snatch that you want!
    You’ve been truly blessed as little white guys like me can only dream about.
    Good Luck and Enjoy the white women – I can hear them calling you now!

  3. This cock and others like it, is the reason why our white wives and daughters are getting pregnant more often by BBC,s. The length of cock means that the head of the black masters, is in the white sluts womb, after crashing past their cervixs. Then depositting their huge, and virile hot loads of thick creamy black baby making seed, is sprayed directly on to the sluts fertile egg.
    (where us feeble white husbands/ boyfriends, have dribbled our watery, and weak white sperm, has to try and swim up the women and into the womb, and even those sperm that get this far, are to weak to even try to attach themselfs to the egg, (they then find the egg, is already been breached by hundreds of thousnds of super fertile black mans sperm already.
    This is happening more often, and with more white women than ever, also now the wimpy white man is coming to terms that, he is useless and is rapidly accepting this and actually offers his wife and daughters to the mighty black man. Even though he knows he is wiping out his white race, in favour of the black master race. ALL THIS IS TRUE AND IS RIGHT AND PROPER COURSE OF ACTION.

  4. We both love the fact of a huge black cock pushing into the slim blonde girlfriend see gets quite horny thinking about it would you like to help us with our fantasy she is very fit and I bet your Dick would look amazing showing her what out of control really is slip us an email with dome pics we would love to hear more.

  5. Nice cock. I would love to watch you fucking my wife and making her love your BBC. I know she would go crazy and squirt all over you while you stretched her little pussy out. I really want to turn her into a slut wife that wants BBC all of the time. We are in Las Vegas

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