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Pics of wife’s first encounter

Here are some pics of my wife’s first encounter with Big Black Cock! She loved it!!! We are in Seattle and she is hungry for more! Truthfully it has been tough to find real people! Most all are fakes! Let us know if your interested! Pics of wife's first encounterPics of wife's first encounterPics of wife's first encounter

16 thoughts on “Pics of wife’s first encounter

  1. What a beautiful experience for the both of you and your black lover. I’m glad you’re elevating the sexual pleasure of your relationship and that your wife is finding true intense sexual pleasure as only a black man can give her. Was it her best ever? What were her thoughts afterwards?

    1. Because it was her first, (And he was massive) yes it was her best ever… We are not a cuckold couple nor is it interesting for her to keep me from having her when I want… With that said, we are having a ton of fun exploring this lifestyle…. We are quite realistic and taking things for what they are… Ironically, yesterday she had #2!! He fucked her hard and deep for 2hours! Another really good experience!! And yes, the best ever!!

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