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Progress finally

Hi cuckwanabe here from Yorkshire uk finally making progress it’s taken years to loosen her up to the idea but she’s started watching porn with me now and likes me taking pixxx loves the idea of guys jacking off to her pixxx she has said she will cam next 🙂 looking for a hung thick bbc to pop her interracial cherry not too far in the near future .
Eventually my biggest fantasy is to see her in a gangbang with a few hung bbcs but Rome wasn’t built in a day lets start with one for now lol Progress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finallyProgress finally

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7 thoughts on “Progress finally

  1. thanks glad you like her she is slowly transforming into a more sexual woman as its taken me a while she is from a very strict church going family and her dad and brothers are racist as hell had my work cut out but the future is bright the future is black lol
    and also love the whole breeding fantasy as thats all it would be fantasy as she has had her tubes tied after our 3rd bambino so she cant get pregnant again so feel freeto flood her with cum when i get her to actualy turn to the dark side 😉

    1. Wannabe, you’re doing the Lord’s work. Let your lady discover the passion and lust within her. Let it grow.

      Since she likes us to watch and wank, tell her she has a lovely complection. Hopefully more explicit pictures will follow.

  2. Hello ladies, iam a young & hung caucasian & I want 2 pls your wifey all nite schlong!!!
    Iam 27yo, 6′,6″, 246lbs, muscular, handsome, blue eyes. Blond hair & 10in x 9in (FF)
    Ikan beat her pussy up & Ukan likk it like a lollypop! Get bakk @ me soon, okay??

  3. Good for you for encouraging her to explore eroticism. Women evolve at different rates. My gf was already a bit loose with other men at the time I hooked up with her. I told her I was okay with that if she wanted to do it. So she continued. Having a beautiful face and voluptuous body, Beth had no problem attracting male attention. Eventually one of them was an older black guy who got a hard-on for her. He saw her eying his bulge, and he pulled it out to show her. She was amazed at its size, but couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out. To her delight, she was able to take him, and enjoyed the experience tremendously. That sped up her evolution. So, she went on to have sex with other blacks, too. And yes, she soon did start participating in group sex.

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