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Please answer my two questions

I don’t mean to be rude, but there are a couple of questions I hope you all will be kind enough to answer for me.

1) – For the Lady: How did you feel when this man slide his Dick into you with your husband watching?

2) – For the Husband: How did it feel when you realized that this man was actually going to put his Dick in your wife?

I hope this is not too personal or rude.
Also, what do you think about my wife?

TNX, Ray
my slut wife

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10 thoughts on “Please answer my two questions

  1. Ray, I think your wife is real sexy looking. Would luv to spend the night with her and introduce her to her Black Master. Yes, I would make her undress and fuck her in all kinds of different positions to please you and her Master. email me at

  2. Hi,

    Your wife is really attractive. If you are serious and would like to get together for her satisfaction, take a minute and drop me a line at my email address.

    I do not know in which state you reside and I am new to viewing this site, but I am particularly attracted to her.

    I am an 18 yr IR swinger and specialize in couples for real-time meets. I travel alot across the US.

  3. i’m answering question 2 how would i feel when i realized a black man was actually fixen to put his BIG black cock in my wife’s white WET juicy pussy? are you kidding my fucking cock would be hard as hell and asking my wife “can i video it baby” before i can say “DAMN what a dick” he starts fucking the shit out of my wife and makes her cum like never before!!!!! shit i better stop cause my cock is hard as hell and she want stop playing with her pussy email me latter and i’ll tell u what happens

  4. NADIA,incredible hot,devious,horny beyond imagination.
    TOMO,incredible hot,devious,horny beyond imagination and last but not least ready to shoot my load without even touching my dick.
    by the way,the fact that you ask those questions,we can tell,YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS
    your wife is sexy and need and deserves bbc in all her horny holes as soon as possible,don’t be selfish now,give the lady wat she wants,and your wife should do it,real woman don’t need permission from a needledick insecure wimp hubby,be a man,give her wat you and I can’t give her,BIG,HARD,POWERFULL,BLACK COCK in her lusthing sexy body,G’NIGHT

  5. I know for me when a guy slides in to my girlfriend black or white I feel jealous, excited, turned on and my heat rate goes up. I think it’s all part of swinging.

  6. Hi, My Hubby encourages me to fuck other men, at first I was unsure and thought he would bottle out, but no, he enjoyed it and I think more than I did the first time and from then on I did it for him. But not too long and I really enjoyed it knowing that he loved it to, for years now I’ve put on strip parties and gang bangs where he likes the guys to cum over me and I love to suck.

  7. To answer your second question, my gf was fairly promiscuous with white guys before we started having sex. I knew this was the way she was, so I figured she was being true to her nature, and I enjoyed her living up to it. Then one day she told me a black man twice her age had invited her to watch a porn flick with him, and without hesitation he’d pulled out his cock and masturbated right there beside her. She said she was so impressed by the BBC that she spent more time feasting her eyes on it rather than the video. The way she described all this made me realize it was gonna be only a matter of time before she’d be filling her pussy with her first black man’s meat. The most important feeling I had at the time was one of admiration for her courage, because she’d been raped a couple of times by rough white guys, and here she was now looking forward to a huge dick from a guy who was such a horny old goat he might split her in half. But he turned out to be considerate enough to spend the next few days engaging in mutual masturbation with her, getting her prepared for her inevitable fate. And then one day she came home from where he’d taken and fucked her brains out. She said it had been absolutely wonderful. I told her that in that case she should go for it as much as she wanted. And she did. And at his apartment, he introduced her to a girl who later that same evening gave my gf her first tasted of black pussy. Now she was doubly pleasured!

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