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Recognizing and accepting black superiority

Along more than 11 years of marriage, my wife and me had sex , the vast majority of the times, in missionary position. With less frecuency she rode over me, and even less we did it in doggy style. I don’t know why but we’ve only had sex in doggy perhaps 5 times, not more and just once she could have an orgasm with me in that position. Four years ago it was the last time she asked me to do it in doggy and I refused. We didn’t get a good rubbing in doggy, so I didn’t wish loose our time trying with this position. We had sex in missionary again.
But later she told me that doggy position turned on a lot. However we didn’t try it again.
In 2012, during the second date with Axel, her ex black boyfriend I asked them to fuck in doggy. In that occasion they did it in the standing variant from doggy, facing the clothier’s door. In posterior dates, they did it again in four legs over our bed.
Axel obtained a different result than me. He becomes crazy with the Doggy style. He knows how to position my wife for the best friction. The first time they fucked in standing doggy, he made her cum at least three times, before he finally ejaculated. Some months later Susie and I tried with doggy again. She told me that she was enjoying it, but however I couldn’t make her cum. Axel came at night and I asked him to fuck her in doggy, because I knew Susie could cum with him. Axel placed Susie in four legs over bed and put his beautiful black cock inside her pussy. Both of them cummed immediately. That produced me such excitement that I cleaned up my wife’s pussy after several months not doing that.
Axel is an amazing male, his virility is awesome. However I have not any doubt that other black men would be able to make my wife cum in doggy with the same ease.Recognizing and accepting black superiorityRecognizing and accepting black superiorityRecognizing and accepting black superiorityRecognizing and accepting black superiorityRecognizing and accepting black superiority

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5 thoughts on “Recognizing and accepting black superiority

  1. just wondering if the source of all the historical racism towards black people…black men in particular was seeded in black cock jealously and envy…along with the deep rooted notion that white women and men loved black cock;

  2. Perhaps thebigeasy is right, but we may not deny that almost all blck men have great penis, some of the really huge, but the most important qualities, in my opinion, are their stamina and virility.
    Our black friend Axel has a normal dick (certainly not small: 17 centimeters long and quite fat) and made my wife cum in doggy just in seconds, while I had not been able to make her fucking in the sae osition for several minutes.

  3. That’s amazing! Her husband couldn’t make her cum so he call her ex balck boyfriend! Moreover the black guy fucked until they cummed, he filled her pussy too! She must feel the biggest pleasure in all her life.

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