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Road of mwf decadence – Interracial Story

Bonnie and I developed a easy go casual friendship and would often go to lunch and talk about different things in life…and of course the subjects of race and sex would come up in our discussions
interracial slut bonnie
Bonnie wore these very cute pair of glasses…she had nice lil waist and better looking ass on her…Over the course of our relationship she told me about her life growing up in Bakersfield and college and how her dad wanted her to become a doctor…as we continued to meet for lunch together we became closer friends and when I say friends..with a hot married wife…you know what I mean dont you….well funny how it happened too, at first glance at her I had no desire to seduce her nor did she know of my seductive past…It just happened the course..things I knew she needed..and what is a good friend if you cant help a friend in need .right?….But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll tell you more as the story progresses…..we would talk about our problems in general and she talk about her marriage……
interracial slut bonnie
In fact over time…I unpeeled more then Bonnie would have wanted to admit… I am easy going so with that I think that helped lower her guard some…but still I knew what was off limits between us, despite us being really good friends….one of the ways I initiated my seduction is that I would open up to Bonnie about some of the women I had been with..and specifically talkin to her about one girl I was with at the time…..I remember telling her about Kim..another married cutie..maybe too cute..she was on the very submissive side and never started any play…I mean this girl did not know how seemed perfect for me to talk about Kim with Bonnie cus she had the same unexplored traits as Kim…..
I am talking about a woman you needs sexual lessons…Kim was uninitiated…I was always the one who had to do everything while she just laid there…this was very curious to Bonnie…and with that curiosity it gave me a opening with her…
Bonnie was real girl..and I think what appealed my attractiveness to her..was she was very simple…not caught up in the fashion drama..she wore lil or no makeup…she would mostly wear jeans and casuals to work..she definitely was a artist…care free and easy spirit….all this led up to one day I wanted to talk about our fantasies….
I figured it be a good time since Bonnie was very hesitant to discuss her sex life…which I knew wasnt all that……I had this thing about Bonnie..and called her my “Good little Catholic girlfriend”…she asked me why I had called her that….I laughed about it a bit but told her “Well you are a girl and you are my friend so you are my girl friend”..she found it cute….well cute wasnt all with me and her….I asked her…”so tell me Bonnie what is your deepest darkest secret when it comes to sex?”…..

Bonnie was shy by this and mostly just laughed it off and told me that she had none..I told her I didn’t believe it….so Bonnie sort of blew me off…not wanting to discuss this part of her life…can you say “Challenge”….. I knew that Bonnie had gone to very religious schools all her life…she was raised in a very strict home where girls like her didn’t go on dates with guys until they were seniors in high school….. its not like I have seduced and sexed a religious girl before..I have had plenty..whether religion..Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Buddist whatever..I have had my share….but Bonnie fits the perfect profile of a sexually frustrated wife too…even tho her experiences are rather single minded…she never experienced a orgasm with her husband from sexual penetration…her few and between orgasms came from his fingering her and what she did herself……and because of her Catholic good wifey upbringing..she figured her place was mostly to make him more happy then her own pleasures….what I would learn from Bonnie is she found herself often time afterwards from doin the fuck deed with hub in the bathroom with her fingers gettin off the way she needed..but that wasnt what she truly wanted..and she knew it…that was her deepest was evident that her clueless hub knew not how nor had the ability to make her have orgasm when they had in the fucking kind of sex play…..basically he was guy who only knew how to stick it in..pump a few times..and he was done…and that was his sexual M/O…..
interracial slut bonnie
when we would chat at lunch I would ask Bonnie so didnt you ever do anything kinky…what you do..etc….she would say sure… they had played with each other’s bodies and in the heat of passion Bob her cluleless hub feeling her up and even sucked her breasts and nipples….what this fit in was the vanilla sex category…no creativity section… So again probing Bonnie..I asked again about what I had known about…in her sex life….I knew that while she had masturbated a great deal as an older teenager before she ever had intercourse….I also knew she needed and craved somethin more like so many sexually frustrated wifes……I knew that clueless was the first and only man to ever put his cock inside her ….I had asked her does she think she has missed anything by not experiencing other luvers before marriage….she told me no….but it has been a bother and frustration that he doesnt last long……sayin to me “It seems I am just starting when he is cumming and then he is finished, Rashad….. It’s very frustrating sometimes, very frustrating”, she tells me.

I told her I understood and know plenty of other women with this that cant I known women like Bonnie from college days too…and on more then one occassion a white girl asking me do all black guys last like me…cus most of the white guys they been with cant…while I know stamina is not solely based on race..actually nothing to do with…but by margin in my experiences more black guys do have more stamina than average white….
Bonnie told me her hub said to her..that because she was too pretty and built too good for any man to last long when he was making love to…ever heard somethin so ridiculous…I sort jus counseled her through..tellin her maybe he would learn to control himself better and last longer for her….of course I needed know more..I wanted to know had they ever had oral sex..I knew the question was blunt if not shocking to say to this conversative prim and proper black cock virgin…but my words struck cord…even by her no answer…I had already planted a seed inside her…Bonnie despite being a prim and proper felt comfortable talkin to me..cus I was so straight forward…and what I told Bonnie..was that maybe if clueless would give her oral and give her an orgasm or maybe even two with his mouth before he fucked her..that she would feel much better even if he did have a premo buster ejaculation after 5minutes…
Bonnie sat there for a second..blushin red from the words oral sex in front of a man who wasn’t her husband…. but I smiled and told her she was again showing that she was a good Catholic girl again …….I told her she didn’t know what she was missing…baby girl “Oral sex is wonderful Bonnie” I would tell her….”it’s almost as good as fucking! Now don’t turn red again it’s just a word.”..but she did…..”your hub should know that and he should work on it to make sure you are satisfied. I mean he always cums doesn’t he?”…she nodded yes…”Well then he should always make sure you do too. And you being a lovely woman he should know you need more than one orgasm from his fingers Bonnie.
I mean you should have two, three, hell as many as you can get. And oral helps the guy because women love it so much. It’s very pleasurable for me too because I love the smell of a woman’s natural aroma and taste.”… this time she jus hit my arm…saying “Blacklexus!!! Stop being so blunt. GOD!”….
I am like Blunt…..I am like tellin her…”we’re both adults here baby girl… so I take it you have never had your pussy licked or sucked? God girl you don’t know what you’re missing do you…Matter of fact God wants you to have that pleasure…Its Biblical..”…she was all but embarassed…but I knew I had this vanilla honey pie excited in a new sexual way…no man had talked to her like I had…no one exposed this thought the way I had…..

I could see it written all over her face too….and this changed the course of our relationship..too….now I am much more then jus a good friend at work….how did I know this..cus Bonnie finally worked up enough courage to ask me somethin back..”So you give all your lady friends oral sex?”….emphatically yes I told her…without studder or whisper…its like a sexual commandment in my book…good and proper sex cant be complete without it….
interracial slut bonnie
I told her I had never done it until I got to college…cus most black girls especially back then were not into that ..white guys use to tell me that their girlfriends luv being ate out..I was like really..ok…I had seen it in pornos..and was taught by one of my first white girls..too….we did almost every night we had sex… I told Bonnie how much white women love it and that I always make em cum on my face and in my mouth…..I had her jaw droppin as she just listened word by word as I described what I did with my mouth and tongue giving oral…

I had explained how I luv it when a girl archs and how she humps her hips and how her hands hold my head in place as she climaxes again and again…….I knew her panties were drenching from what I exposed her too….I could swore I could sniff her pussy scent…she knew that feeling and it was so good when a orgasm makes you do those things…finally I jus told her before we had to get back …hey girl.. “If he doesn’t want to do it for you Bonnie, make him. In fact demand it from him. Tell him if he cums every time it’s only fair that you do too. If he can’t hold off and make you cum with his cock make him lick your pussy, before or hell even afterwards.”…..

she said she have to do it before as she was messy afterwards….Then I said…”Bonnie come back here a second.”….I looked right in her eyes and whispered…”If he won’t do it for you and you really want to see how it feels I’ll do it to you any day you want me too. I can come over to your house and we can do it right in your living room….

It won’t take long, I’m pretty sure you will get off fast the first time you feel what a mouth and tongue can do for you down there.”…I jus pointed downward towards her pussy to make the point clear…..
interracial slut bonnie
The next time I saw Bonnie…I knew this lil sex pot was gettin aroused….curious and craving all that I had introduced and talked to her about….cus she changed her gear…she was wearing a nice skirt and boots outfit..and had shelled her more modest look….she even admitted that what she was doing..she never done before…

she tried to look better than usual and while deep down inside later on as I look back now I knew why ….my seductive charm sparked this woman’s thinking..I made her feel good..and I had not even touched her yet!… this was another phase in her seduction…when we went to lunch…I could see she exposing her legs for me..was this a jus new tease or her jus being out….being sexy as her skirt slid up above her knees…and she saw me scoping a look too… and when I looked over at her I was looking at her legs…but did not stop there…..

I took her for all she was worth…moving my eyes up her legs to her breasts and finally her face……smiled saying: “My, my Bonnie you know I was gonna ask why you are all dressed up today. You look very pretty….so what’s the occasion? You look kind of sexy in a good little Catholic girl way.”….

so of course I asked her…..”Did anything happened last night after your husband got home?”……at first she tried to act dumb about it.. “You know did anything new developed sexually last night after we talked Bonnie”, I asked her…she sighed and said: “No, same old thing, pre mature ejaculation Bobby, same as usual. And then he worked on me until I was sort of satisfied. But not really if you know what I mean.” ..she told me..

well its not like that with me….”I always make sure my woman is satisfied and so am I when we are done Bonnie. So did Bob give you anything new? Did you ask him for oral?”

she said: “Yes, actually I did ask him for it last night and he told me he would try next time. See we did it right away when he came home, before dinner” I had Bonnie on embarrassment row now…”I shouldn’t be talking to you about this anyway.”..she told…

I am like why is that…we gettin to know each other more….”Well my sex life is between my husband and me. But hub did tell me he would try the next time we make love. You see he had already finished.”……

I am like “Finished?”…..she said: “Yes finished, you know he had cum and he didn’t want to do it then. I was messy down there I mean he does cum a great deal.”…….

so I probed more….asking what happened after that and she said “Well I was upset Blacklexus. I even told Bob I would clean up and shower and we could do it later on that night before we go to bed. You know do try and have him give oral and he could try before…..before we had intercourse.”….

looking back on this as I write..I sometimes cant believe how some women are…..but let me go on here….so…I jus move my hand to her face and say….”You’re my friend Bonnie and I want to be here for you if you need me. I want to help you any way I can with this or anything else in your life. You and I are friends and I really think we can talk about anything. I like you very much Bonnie. And I feel sorry for your husband if he doesn’t want to give you what you need.

Hell Bonnie I’d have gone down on you even if your pussy was full of cum, my cum that is.”….which is true…that was the end of our conversation for now…..
Later on that week I put it back on the table of inquiry…..I knew how frustrated Bonnie was….I asked her about it the following week….when she would do somethin about this….that she wasn’t sure maybe that night or maybe tomorrow…..

I was come on woman…”See you are the good Catholic wife, don’t make any waves and be submissive to your husband. Do it anyway he wants and always the way he wants. For God sakes Bonnie stand up for yourself. Tell him if he can’t get you off you won’t get him off. Tell him tonight. Make him eat your pussy and give you an orgasm!”…..

again my words and thoughts embarassed Mrs Whitebread…but she needed to hear it……promising to try…”I will remind him about what we talked when he wants sex I promise. I want this to happen believe me. But don’t rush me, please don’t pressure me Rashad, I’m going to do this but on my time not yours. Besides why do you care anyway?”…….

I jus looked at her in the eyes and said: “If you were my woman I’d eat your pussy morning, noon and night and twice on Sunday. Bonnie you are an extremely lovely lady and very sexy. It should be a man’s pleasure to give you oral sex girl delicious. Hell any type of sex you want or desire” she tells me she needs more time..

This scenario was beginning to heat up…so we went for lunch again…we got a back to the side..and I probed her again…..”So did the toy help you Bonnie. I mean did it give you…”…..”Yes actually three times. OK? I came three times with a toy rather than my husband. I mean what is wrong with him, with me? Am I asking him for too much?”

I made a move….by this I am talking moving my hand on her thigh..moving her skirt…giving me some access…she stopped me but not before I knew what color panties she had on….

I told her..”I’m sorry I just had to look. damn have gorgeous legs. And I just love those white silky bikini panties you have on. Would you show me them one more time?”….in embarassment…”No…she said…”Why?” I asked….”I want to see your mound.”..

she had no clue…..” Mound? What are you talking about?” she asked…well “The mound between your legs that your panties cover. I mean do you have a lot of hair down there dont you?..I am sure a good Catholic girl would.”….she said its not that way…matter of fact..she said: “I trimmed it last night.”…

so then you dont mind showin me that mound then..huh…..I knew she was tempted…so she slowly lifted her skirt a little and showed me her panties again and told me no touching….I got a peek but wanted more…you know the deal……so spread her legs a bit more and showed me…

“I think you have beautiful thighs and the inner part looks so soft. Your panties are pushed out right in the front. I think your hair down there is too heavy. Maybe even with the shower your pussy smells some. Now some guys love that smell including me. But baby girl some dudes get turned off by it until they get use to it.”…

she said she didn’t know that…….I told her…why not shave it all off and show clueless what you are willing to do in order for him to please you Bonnie? I mean shaving your pussy is in now a days anyway baby girl and I know lots of men and women who do it.

I mean I’m shaved down there especially where my nuts are….I knew Bonnie never explored a brazilian wax or shaved her pussy……she is too prudish…….”Well I don’t think you’ll say yes, but I shave my girlfriends pussy sometimes. I’d be happy to help you do yours Bonnie.”…she balked at that idea..but had to ask…..but she did say…”Shave my pussy and I guess you wouldn’t want t do anything else like want to fuck me too.”
“Well yes, I’d love to do more with you Bonnie, any time any place but you can trust me. If you don’t want anything else I won’t try and do it. I promise I will only shave you and that will be that. I swear to you. I mean my cock will be super hard but I won’t try anything ……..unless you want me to.”…..

Finally on a day that was long…I stopped in her office..her office was in the back hallways..and when I walked in Bonnie was at her desk..we talked a bit…and said that she wanted to talk again..I said how about we meet after work…we can go get somethin to drink whatever..she said sure..her hub wasnt getting home to late and she would luv that….

so we went to a restaurant not far away…she invited me to come sit her car before we went I did…and we sat looking at each other…she looked at me and I looked at her and then it happened….she moved quickly and kissed me….it didnt take me long to work some finger magic…as she felt my hand sliding over her leg and down between them….my lil good lil Catholic girl was all too willing and wanting…as she spread her legs more so I could get my hand between them and I knew it felt like electricity to her when I began to rub the skin between her stockings and panties….. I felt her panties beginning to get wet….and I knew she was so turned on!

I jus kissed her longer and hard gave her my tongue…she sucked on it gladly….I knew how eager she I heard her softly moan….. as my hands came closer and closer to her panties…my fingers rubbed and rubbed so very close to her pussy…and when she didn’t stop me….

I jus cupped her pussy and squeezed it gently on the outside of her panties….I had my entire hand holding her pussy and her legs were wide open!….she even placed her hand on top of my hand and we slowly began to rub her cunt up and down together….

it was only a matter of mere seconds..before my Bonnie sex pot was pumping her pussy into my black hand….she whispered in my ear…”Oh God I’m on fire.”…she very well knew I could feel her heat and her wetness now….but I wanted her to know her eroticisms was having affect on me I directed her to reach down to my crotch…to as she felt my throbbing erect big black cock…Bonnie and I kept kissing…and she was giving me complete access to her wet pussy……we worked like that for a short time..right in the Applebee’s parking lot…..

I luved her moaned in my mouth as I continued my business and felt the wetness and the heat coming off her pussy……she was moaning again and again…”oh my gosh Blacklexus! Oh God yes Blacklexus. Oh yes baby! Make me cum Blacklexus!”….I then ran my fingers feeling her wet pussy slit from the top to the bottom as she cried out with pleasure from my fingers touching her white flesh directly….

I worked one finger pleasing her slow..soft..and tender….then I came back up with it and stroked her clit….I had her so hot…so excited and so ready to be fucked….I kept at it..rubbing her clit….for what seemed like just 10 seconds and she came right there in her car in this park lot… lil vanilla Catholic girl..was now my Catholic bbc slut…as she arched and pumped her hips and let me finger fuck her to a sweet wet orgasm….

she told me I made her feel like no man ever…well of course..cus the only other man would be is clueless…..but she held me close..grippin my she exploded….and she came again and again…….for her part…she kept squeezing my cock shaft rubbing it up and down its entire length…I was so hard and my cock was throbbing!….”you like that baby… like how my fingers are fucking you ….dont you girl”….she moaned “God fucking yessssss”….. and arched again and fucked my hand like she was in heat ……

my lil well groomed Catholic slut…lust was unbelievable…..I had her car reeking of sex…her panties were soaking wet and I had exposed her to sex she never dreamed….here I was finger fucking….masturbating a good unsuspecting married white wife…Catholic girl…

When I finally pulled my hand out from under her panties I showed my new cum slut how wet she really was..what I made her do for me……I jus smiled at my sex pot and began to lick my hand…I wanted to taste her..I wanted her to see me lick her juices…to show her how much now I can control her sex thoughts…..

I luved doing I told her how sweet her pussy cum was and that I wanted to eat her right now…fuck the drinks and dinner…she said to me how much she would love that but that it wasn’t the time or place for it…she felt embarrassed enough…and didnt know it was gonna go that far…all she wanted was to jus kiss was a reaction….we sat in her car….I told it was cool..but expect this not to be the last of her adventure…she said she understood…..

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3 thoughts on “Road of mwf decadence – Interracial Story

  1. Now this how every Asistic male should treat women no matter what race. This is a definition of an professional not an dog, or bull. We are humans to. If more men of any race would take the time an listen there wouldnt be situations like these unless the man dont care. I wish all brothas luck frm mn, usa to abroad.

  2. I ran across this post with very little time to read it.I’ll come back and read it all when I have more time.I envy the husbands of the beutiful women in these post who are not fearful of putting their pictures up.My wife also has sex with black men,and has for a long time.She also spent some time in front of a video camera a few years ago.The tapes got away and the worry of where they might end up made her too paranoid to have pictures made,let alone,put them on the net.We do have stories to tell,and she likes that,but no pics.She is not into thug types or domination of any kind.She likes good black men who are decent,respectful and honest.Those in uniform also have an advantage with her.

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