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Wifey’s IR World

Imagine what it would look like if everyone’s favorite internet Wifey went Black? Well, someone did. Thanks to this artist’s talent and imagination, we can now take a peek into the deep, dark fantasy world of interracial erotica and see what it might look like–very hot.

Wifey's IR Worldkayla_collins-001-ircelebshope_dworaczyk-003-ircelebswifey ircelebsaly_michalka-ircelebspaula_zahn-ircelebsir celebsclaudia_schiffer-001-ircelebshope_dworaczyk-001-ircelebswifey-mandingos_desperate_housewiveswifey-wife_goes_blackwifeys_dark_fantasieswifey-the_blackingyulia_nova-001-ircelebswifey_lex_steele_vol5wifeys_ir_world
Susan Lucci Interracial
All My Children star Susan Lucci goes black in 2008 with guest star Mario Van Peebles

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