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Sex in the bathroom – interracial story

My ex boyfriend and me fucked under the wather shower one morning after some time lying on the beach, during our holidays. I was having a shower and my ex came with me to take a bath too. It was only an excuse, he wished to fuck. He turned me on licking my nipples and we started to fuck…
When I was close to cum, he couldn’t wait and cummed first. We went to the room and my boyfriend started to put his clothes on to go for breakfast. Then, I said him that he wont leave the room until he gave me a good orgasm. I got down on my knees and I sucked his cock until it turned as hard as a rock. Some seconds after that, he was the one who begged to have sex.
We couldn’t reach the bed due our excitation. We fucked standing and he made me cum immediately. I told my husband about my ex boyfriend and he praised his virility

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