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Sexy White Wife Wants Her First Black Experience…

My sexy white hotwife is curios about BBC and it is a fantasy of mine to see her take a black man. She’s been shared before, but never with a well endowed black man. She would be most inclined to give herself to a young, fit and very well endowed black man. You should be clean, respectful and discreet. She is a sexy cougar who prefers younger guys and she will rock your world. Let us know what you think. With some encouragement she may be persuaded to show you more…Sexy White Wife

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12 thoughts on “Sexy White Wife Wants Her First Black Experience…

  1. How old is your wife? An how young are talking about? Email me sometime so we could discuss mre. i believe i can make her first experience fun,discreet,responsiblily an professionally many treat sex as an act me its an job an adventure all in one lets chat sometime xchange pics and go from there without pics of her face or beautiful pussy i can only guess when a woman like yours need things done respectfully. The story line would have to go as so we all meet after chatting on line we decide i play role of an lost pizza boy.Not knowing you two had been arguing she decides to use me to get back at you. You come home to see us in your bed going at it like you thought she wasnt possible nstead of gettin mad you jus decide to watch till we was done. I could go more detailed but your wife pic didnt really show much. Being this maybe her first all she has to do is ask an i serve while you watch an film. Does she like to swallow? I can admitt she dose have nice long sexy legs that she can wrap around me while i deep dick slow till i know she wet and ready then i increase my speed after sure she came once then we move into more positions. I dont like cumming on women faces i save my cum for inside a mature wet pussy i sometime like to pull out an jus nut away on a fresh shaved,mature pussy. Before we begin our session to prove im clean i dnt mind getting testef this is one of the reason i say im a professional i take of my mind, body, an dick that pays the bills. When if we xchange pics you wouldnt believe my age. I was bred to compete and phuc an i do both quite well. When an if your ready to have your wife done professionally you have my info. Hope ya in the states but i can travel

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