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Sexy white wife with black dude – homemade interracial video

Of course this married babe loves interracial sex while her hubby watches from time to time! She met this black master on the street and in only 30 minutes they went to the local motel for some fucking[media id=221 width=590 height=443]

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14 thoughts on “Sexy white wife with black dude – homemade interracial video

  1. Beautiful and Hot! I hope it was the Black Man’s idea to use the rubber as the Black Man should not be given any restrictions by the white women or their hubbies!

  2. To bad he wore a condom. Would have been great to see him file her with his black seed and have her give birth to a black baby.

    1. That’s right — the pleasure and love they feel mainly lasts while they are fucking each other. But if he were to impregnate her she would have fulfilled her destiny and been able to enjoy experiencing her belly grow day by day with a black baby, and her tits swell up and fill with milk.

  3. Mmmmm. This lady has good instincts for BBC. So 30 minutes from street to motel room is plenty of time from pick-up to fucking. Life is short and she’s not the type to waste time on getting-to-know-you games. She can sense the man’s got a BBC, so that’s all she needs to know. And her black man can tell a white hotwife is ripe for sex. They smell like anchovies. When she goes home and tells her husband about her adventure, she can take all the time her storytelling needs. She looks like a good narrator and will provide him with a full account of juicy details. That’s obviously his reward for letting her troll the streets and pick up black men. It makes for an adventurous marriage, with her as the erotic leader. The possible risk I see here is she may get picked up by a pimp, who only wants her to make money for him. That would be a shame. Maybe she should simply go into a good brothel servicing black clientele. That way, she could get her fill of BBC, and be able to do it in a safe and comfortable environment.

  4. Just want to thank everyone for the great comments about my wife. She is truly a wonderful wife and does love BBC! She was not always this way. She was very shy and not a slut when we first married but for the last few years after I talked her into letting black men fuck her she can’t get enough. She has several black men that fuck her regularly but I still enjoy the thrill of pimping her out to black businessmen traveling through town when she does not have a date set up. The condoms are only used by new guys fucking her for the first time. Her regulars fuck her bareback always, and enjoy filling her up with their seed. I do fuck her myself on occasion but mostly enjoy watching BBC use her. thanks again for the comments!

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