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She loves the black power

She learnt very early to suck black guys balls and to suck them hard. She too gets massively turned on by sucking cock/balls and loves the power she has when she does this…bearing in mind she is very petite and the bulls she is attracted to are usually physically huge. She loves the feeling of having a bulls very masculinity in her mouth when she has their nutsack in her mouth and this makes her wet and ready to get fucked hard. She’s totally submissive to her bulls and they use her as they please most of the time but when she has a big nutsack in her mouth SHE is momentarily in control! That is why she likes doing this so much.
the black power

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5 thoughts on “She loves the black power

  1. That’s a nice pair of black balls for the white lady’s mouth. I bet it’s a sweet sound hearing her eat the sperm from those black nuts, then kiss her husband.

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