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She will get used to it, she will make sure of that – amature hot wife interracial

He was all set to have sex with his wife, and then the door bell rang. It was his wife’s Black lover, she didn’t even think twice, she just let the better of the two have her, and he was forced to sit at the side of the bed and watch his wife be pleased by the better man. amature hot wife interracial

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15 thoughts on “She will get used to it, she will make sure of that – amature hot wife interracial

  1. mommys boy,so did I,we where young, but I know for shure she did know that we where watching,then already I wanted it so bad myself,mom teach me very early that a womens pussy is 5% for making babys and 95% for fuck,and that black men have big cock and never say no if black men like to have sex with you,boy did I listen.

  2. She didn’t think twice when the doorbell rang, she let the better of the two men have her, well of coarse she would, her husband is just her husband he’s no GREAT BLACK SEX MASTER and when a white woman’s black master is around all attention has to be focused on him for any needs he has or else she and her white husband’s asses may have received a beating by their black master or at least a whipping. She must have been so happy, excited, and relieved when she finally made her black master cum and that she was able to get him off hard after working hard to please him and achieving several orgasms herself in the process from his huge black cock. When her black master left she probably sat cross legged and allowed her white husband to get on his knees at her feet and give her a foot rub and stroke her legs until he was fully erect and at which point she probably commanded him to masturbate without allowing his cum to come in contact with her skin.

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