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Slutwife for blacks

I meet her she was twenty years old and i new she was a slut , fucked by many guys and had three black lovers before me. i was so exited by this hot sexy slut that i wanted her to be my wife and we get married…i married a slut craving for black cocks and very year my wife fuck with blacks and now one is not enough and she’s fucked by several blacks in gangbang.Slutwife for blacksSlutwife for blacksSlutwife for blacksSlutwife for blacks

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7 thoughts on “Slutwife for blacks

  1. She sounds like my voluptuous white gf Beth, who eloped at age 16. But within five years, her husband realized he couldn’t handle her, because she kept taking on other guys on the side occasionally. I knew her before the divorce and took her on as a gf, telling her I didn’t mind if she got laid by other men, too, as long as I got my share of her beautiful pussy. So we got along fine.
    By her mid-20s, she was a nice & easy liberated white girl. Then a 52-year old black bus driver took hold of her and broke her in to his BBC. Next he introduced her to his friends, and Beth became a gang-bang bunny. And then he introduced her to a (black) prostitute, and within an hour Beth was sucking her cunt. The woman locked her legs around Beth’s head and kept her like that all night.
    So in my gf’s case, BBC has a double meaning: Big Black Cock and also Big Black Cunt. Beth said a white girl needs sex from the black female as well as the male side. I agree.

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