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6 thoughts on “So Big And Black – Interracial sex

  1. More white women than ever before are having their virginities taken from them by the superior black men and more white women than ever before are having their first unprotected sexual experiences with black men. This is coming about due to white females of all ages learning, sharing, and spreading information about how black cock sex is THE supreme sex for a woman to have and that black cock sex is THE sex to have if a woman is truly wanting to achieve an orgasm. The cocks of THEIR dreams are becoming black cocks more and more with each and every day.

  2. With a few more sessions he should be able to get his long, black dick all the way in! It looked like he was hitting bottom with 2 or 3 inches left.

  3. In my opinion, white women who go nuts for black cock are subconsciously sexual revolutionarties. It’s not some “superiority” of black cock they seek. It’s the shattering of society’s racist taboos that they thrill to. And that social evolution motive is why their white husbands should honor and encourage them to become BBC aficionadas. It’s not that complicated! Everybody should feel free to have sex with everybody else.
    I bet if we could deploy half of Nevada’s legal prostitutes, after appropriate ideological training and income assurance, to Afghanistan, we’d deflate the Taliban like a flat tire in six months.

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